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April 02, 2009




I tried to contact you but the email dos not work anymore.
Can you please contact me at the email address given ?

Low carb sauce

It's been a while since you posted this. I am going to NY this summer and sure hope this ice cream is still avaliable. There are no low carb ice cream for sale in the shops here :( I make a very good one myself though...

Dream Puppy

Just out of curiosity, do you eat a lot of LC treats? If so, how is your current progress/maintenence going? How about readers of this site. I am just wondering because I have had issues with LC treats causing more cravings...wondering if anyone else has similar issues.

E Hagen

I'm new to this. Just wondering what the bottom carb line is after subtracting fiber, etc. from total carbs. I'm not sure what gets subtracted to give final carb total. I could use something cool and refreshing like ice cream, esp after these past few very hot days. Thanks.


A great resource for product reviews and analysis! Good Work!


Great work. A must try for the low car dieter. Thanks!


This is a great. Low carb sweets are a must!

Julianne Michener @

Do you have a recipe for a low carb dessert...besides
glucose free jello?


Need to watch for Maltitol though, I see it in alot of low carb ice cream and you can't "deduct it" like you can Xylitol and other sugar alcohols.


, here are some of my favourite rpieces:Chipotle Eggs (an easy-as-pie morning wakeup)Luau Burgers (not even my bread-eating roommates missed the bun)Crunchy Peking Burgers (made with ground chicken, these are even better)Aegean Chicken (chopped olives with garlic can stand in for the tapenade, and provolone can substitute for the kasseri delicious!)Salmon In Ginger Cream (probably my favourite fish recipe in the world)Chinese Steamed Fish (tilapia is delicious and cheap, and this can be modified to an oven recipe easily)California Tuna Fritters (we like these as a late-night snack, though I only use a tablespoon of the protein powder)Inauthentic Bulgogi Steak (made a family pack of cube steaks into a raved-about family dinner!)Asian Pork And Cabbage (Amazing, easy as heck and a mere fraction of Chinese food's carbs!)Unstuffed Cabbage (my winter dinner standby)Poultry Hash (ground turkey makes this sublime another winter standby)Easy Garlic Creamed Spinach (such a great trick)Apple Walnut Dressing (Happy Thanksgiving!) and last, but DEFINITELY not least, the Jerk Seasoning has become something of an in-demand item whenever I'm invited to a BBQ. It's the tastiest thing I've ever had on a grilled chicken.I stinking LOVE this book.


Dana Carpender never fails bring recipes low carb(LC)lifestyle. find book vasretile a garden recipe choices never done a cooker! Everything hot dips desserts (yes desserts) leave asking sure low carb ? a gift those know LC magic bullet 've looking I've lost over 100lbs eating Atkins LC doing moderate exercise (1hr/3-5x/wk) Dana's recipes saving grace! book worth penny praised morsel I've consumed keeping one those 100 pounds lost ! *Please note optimal weight loss occurs through maintaining intake 20 carbs less until reached weight loss goal, gradually increase carb intake find optimal carb count stay maintain goal weight* Very simple using recipes book-yes even desserts! far exercise, I didn't even exercise first few months I stil lost weight quickly. Exercise speed throught process course tighten up body; equated 6-7lbs a week I very over weight, 4-5lbs a week I smaller. keep healthy don't processed LC snack foods, using Dana's recipes (see 500 low carb recipes 500 more low carb recipes author extensive choices), taste better don't cancer causing partially hydrogenated oils! Very very vital diet! luck I hope review helpful.


This lady is CRAZY! Carbohydrates like pasta, bread, and even rice don't occur naturally in ntraue has anyone seen a pasta bush? Yet, the huge mega-corps that make trillions of dollars off carbs continue to hammer it into our brain that we MUST have carbs. This lady is one of their spokespersons! Fat doesn't create a insulin response fat doesn't make you fat! It can't!Carbs on the other hand trigger insulin (the growth horomone) and make you retain water (hence carbo- hydrate ). Crazy!


I am just so sick of the phony science that is put forth as nuorititnal advice. Uh, mineral and vitamin deficiencies from a meat, egg and vegetable diet ..that is funny. Animal products are nuorititnal powerhouses, same goes for veggies. Uh, DUH, what would you rather live on if you had one choice, EGGS or PASTA? I hope your said eggs, because if you did not you would get very sick on that crappy pasta or whatever junk the so called experts push. Man evolved and thrived on meat and veggies!

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