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May 10, 2006


Diane V-R

Just read the note about Carb Wise Bars being discontinued. As a diabetic, these bars are a daily staple for me. We diabetics need to organize to purchase these low carb products in local low carb co-ops so that these products generate enough sales to justify manufacturing costs.


I too have had trouble getting the bars. Does anyone have a suggestion for a replacement that is actually worth buying?


These bars are the best for diabetics. They digest slowly, taste respectable, Low sugar & low carbs. I WOULD BUY IN QUANTITY. The other bars are either chalky, gummy, and non-filling. Who bought these guys out?

Brad N

Oh...that's too bad! They are the BEST TASTING low-carb, high protein bars...they don't taste like synthetic candy bars like the rest of them! They actually taste somewhat natural.


I am shocked. I always bought four to five boxes everytime I went shopping. The last visit to the store is when I noticed that they had a clearance price on the item. I bought all they had. I am now on the computer trying to find out where to shop and I have only one bar left.And now I am hearing that I can't get them at all. My husband and I eat these everyday. As well as my bother and parents. I can't imagine breakfast without them.I have lost 19 pounds and do not want to gain it back. What is as good?


I am very disappointed to hear this as I too have been trying to find out info on the carbwise bars. They are the best much better than the others. If anyone finds them I would be interested in buying as I too would buy several boxes at a time.


I'm also surprised to hear this... They never seemed to last long on the shelves of any of the stores in my area that carried them... Seemed like lots of folks were buying them. And they absolutely were the best of the lot. Rats.


Figures, I dont believe sales where low, many times they where sold out or there was only one box left. This is just like every other product that did well and the price was reasonable, it goes like this in order....discontinue..get enter market..different name...receipe change....more money! Sound familiar.

Carol R. Wittenbrink

Go figure!! Something I REALLY like and ate several mornings a week for breakfast, and NOW they are discontinued. I agree with a comment I read above in that the item was always in short supply on the shelf so SOMEONE besides me was buying them. I have tried every low-carb product over the last five years and have not found ANY as good as this one. Great product at a good price so WHY are they discontinued???


I too am so disappointed that CarbWise Bars are discontinued. Does anyone know why? I had gastric bypass surgery and I can tolerate these bars. I have checked all local Walmart stores because they were on clearance there but now are sold out. Too bad - it was a good product.


CarbWise bars were THE Best!! I, too, always found them in short supply. SOMEBODY was buying them besides us. Let's start a campaign to bring them back!


Just found this site today. I agree with all the comments about carbwise bars. Best I have ever tasted in this type of low carb bar.I too have tried to find other stockists but no luck. Shame indeed. They were so-oo delicious.




i totally agree. where can we get them?


They probably were discontinued because they were low priced and a success. The competition wants you to more for similar bars. What I liked was that after eating, I would eat 1/2 bar and would lose my appetite. As a diabetec I could take a bar to the movies with me, etc.

Carol Dudgeon

I just ate my last carbwise bar. Soooo good. A little sad.


My mom, sister and I always bought these bars. They were the only ones that tasted like something you were supposed to eat. We always had a difficult time finding them. When we did find them, we bought several boxes. So what constitutes low sales?


Oh my gosh what I am I going to do . I eat one bar every morning I am hooked on them please help what can we do?


I too LOVED Carbwise bars and have to agree with everyone who said that they always bought a bunch at a time. I bought them by the case! How could there be low sales? I have tried just about every low carb bar out there, and they all taste like mushy, candy bar knock-offs. I saw we get the address to the maker of the other Carbwise products and start writing letters! If anyone has anymore information, or was able to find these bars anywhere.. please let me know. Thanks.

Eileen in Columbus,OH

Hello, fellow CarbWise lovers. I tracked down the last owner/manufacturer of CarbWise products. Previously made by Synergy Plus/ivc Industries, Inc, the product line was purchased by Nature's Bountry in Long Island, NY. A representative of the company told me that they no longer make the product (not a surprise), but recorded my comments for management. I told him of this web site and the many loyal previous customers who would LOVE to see a reappearance of the CarbWise products. I suggested that, since "low carb" is no longer in vogue, a "Low glycemic level product for use by Diabetics" would find a market. The more requests for the product (Chocolate Peanut Crunch, please!), the more likely that it will reappear. Everyone who misses CarbWise, please contact the last manufacturer. Perhaps we can get them brought back! Nature's Bounty can be found online at and can be reached at 1-800-433-2990. Fingers crossed, Eileen in Columbus, OH. PS - If anyone finds anything similar to CW, please let me know.

Paula in Florida

I ate these every morning for breakfast along with fellow employees.. I was so disappointed when I was told they were no longer being made. It was actually very good for a low carb bar...I bought several boxes at a time. If you find any thing close to this please let me know.

grace lerouge



I read the comments on and I just wanted to let you know that CarbWise products are out there but under another name. The maker is Biochem and they are now called Strive instead of CarbWise. I loved the Chocolate Raspberry Crunch and Strive makes it and I just received my order and it has the same taste. I haven't checked to see whether they have other flavors. Thought I share that information with you.


One more thing I forgot to mention...The company's URL is You can find out what flavors they have from their site.


well it looks like they've been discontinued there too, and theres no info at biochem about where you can buy them, just have to search....
anyone found anything else thats almost as good?


I was truly saddened. Once again some corporate schmuck made a decision based upon what might have looked good in a report versus actually trying this product. If he/she had they would still be on the market.


I waited and looked and did not see a single box anywhere in 4 different WalMart stores here in TN. I loved these bars and started buying them when I lived in Hawaii. Anyone have any updates??

Paul Gordon

I too found the carbwise bars the best around, I used them when dieting for bodybuilding shows and am now gutted the don't do them anymore. I am also diabetic, I found this site earlier which advertises lots of bars with low carbs suitable for diabetics, not sure how they'll taste but maybe worth a try.

Maria Fox

I really miss the carbwise bars. They were the best tasting low carb bars around. I used them for deiting along with other low-carb foods and they really worked for me. I can't believe that they were not selling well. Please - Please start manufacturing them again!

Don Ponko

My girlfriend and I ate them as part of a weight maintenance program and I used to find them up and down the east coast, usually at Walmart. I was repeatedly told by
Walmart staff that the manufacturer was always behind on shipments and increased orders were always denied. If they won't make them maybe a group (us) should look at
a business plan to get them back on the market. Seems to me a lot of people miss them and a start up business isn't impossible. Additional input would be welcome

Diane McG

MAN! I am really disappointed. I am back on the low-carb lifestyle, which I did really great on for several years--about 6, then started slacking off. I LOVED Carbwise, and like all of you, have been looking for them now that I'm back to the ONLY way I can keep weight in control. And when I couldn't find them, I searched online and found this. Any luck with finding a good substitute or getting someone to make them again?


Companies that lose business to other companies lower priced and better made products often buy the rights to that product. They then remove the product from the market and force the purchace of thier higher priced product. Possible? I loved these things too.


Okay. I am old timer to low carb and this is the best chocolate ever for low carb diets. My husband bought these for me for valentines. I do not like the store bought stuff with maltol in them unless I'm constipated, and staying home all day. These bars are awesome and no side effects NO MALTOL but they are pricey. One bite and you will see they are well worth it! At first I was terrified that this was too good to be true and tested my ketones for a few days. I stayed in Ketosis!! I been trying to conserve, but they taste so good. These really help me stay low carb. Sara
PS. If you test your ketones, Real lemon juice (i used this with water to make lemon aid) will give you false negatives. I found this out the hard way. Just a FYI.

protein shakes

they were great :-(

Lori Michaud

I have been looking and looking for the CarbWise bars for years. I thought WalMart just stopped carrying them and then today I came across this site. Sooooooo disappointed they are gone. Makes you wonder if maybe they were too good to be true like that Seinfeld episode about the delicious "fat free yogurt" that wasn't really fat free afterall. But the diabetics sware by them too, so you have to assume they must be good or they'd have high blood sugars all the time.
The Cliff bars I currently eat are high in protein but have a whopping 30 Gms of carbs. Soo bad. I too, am a gastric bypass pt, and loved the bars and could actually tolerate them.
I like the idea about starting a return campaign but so many years have passed. Does anyone know the name of the company? I'd love to see their other products and write to them.
Appreciate peoples comments.
Thanks, Lori

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