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October 20, 2005



Welcome back! I was getting a little worried about you. Great minds think alike because I wrote a Low Carb Product Rave for this product, Del Real Carnitas, on my blog on September 24. My local Costco in Salt Lake still carries it. I heated the carnitas (pronounced car-nee-tuz) in a crockpot on high, which was a good way to do it. I thought this was really delicious for a pre-cooked product. I don't buy a lot of this kind of thing since I'm such a passionate cook, but I would buy this again for sure. Good luck finding it. Also congratulations on the blog award.


Last time I was at Costco they still had them her in Colchester (near Burlington) Vermont. Probably a bit far for you though...

Their phone number is: (802)655-0695 They do pick up the phone here.

Good luck!


Hi - Love the product too. I am online right now searching for another place to buy Del Real carnitas. Costco, just yesterday, told me they discontinued the item.

I too wrote an request to get the product back in the store. They said they have been getting a lot of requests... we'll see if they respond.

It is pronounced car-nee-tas.

Good luck.


Hi there Katherine, Healthseeker888, Kalyn and all you carnitas lovers.

Hopefully you can help me. I was searching for some information about carnitas in the United States and I ran into your comments about these carnitas sold in Costco. My name is Gonzalo Kutz and I live in Mexico City. The thing is I have a friend who owns a restaurant which specializes in carnitas tacos or "tacos de carnitas". In Mexico City, carnitas are mainly eaten in a corn tortilla with chopped onion, coriander and hot sauce. I assume that you've tried carnitas in burritos, they must be very tasty also. My friend's tacos are really good, he's been runnning these kind of restaurants for a lot of years now and he's been pretty successful. An idea has been crossing our minds lately: To export canned or packed carnitas to the U.S. We have a friend living in the U.S., he's very involved with the food industry and he's eager to be our contact, he'd try to create a market for us. Perhaps some of you would be interested too.Who knows, we could be doing business together.

I thought that being such carnitas fans, maybe you could have a word or two about this idea. Assuming that we could come out with a quality product ( fresh meat complying with all U.S. required standards, permits etc.), do you think that there could be a market for this kind of product?, I mean, are there a lot like you out there ? In Mexico, people usually eat carnitas at restaurants or buy it to go, planning to eat them within a short period of time. I don't think that selling packed carnitas in a large food store would be successful here in Mexico because there are a lot of restaurants selling the thing really fresh and tasty. Still, maybe in the U.S. it could be a good option, what do you think ?
Thanks a lot in advance for your comments on this matter.

Best regards,
Gonzalo Kutz
Mexico City
Please reply to:
[email protected]
[email protected]


Hello there! I know that most Trader Joe's grocery stores sells a pre-cooked packaged carnitas that is might tasty. I am not sure on the brand name, but it is just as good as the Costco brand. You might want to see if you have a Trader Joe's in your area.

Rochelle Malone

I too am desperate for the del Real Carnitas. In New York Costco they took it out of their system. I don't live too close to Costco, but if they had the Carnitas I was going to join. Really mad about this.

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