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October 29, 2005



I did try the low carb diet before RNY and every other diet and exercise plan out there (and even medically supervised by Nutritionists and Endocrinologists) - none worked. The only thing that has worked is surgery - I don't know why but it has. And the reports that I'll be in the hospital more after surgery - pish. I'm healthier now then I've been in a long time, and a lot of people who have hernias had them before the wls, some doctors repair them during RNY and others don't. Being extremely obese does do a lot of damage to a body, and losing mass amounts of weight whether via diet alone or surgery I'm sure has an impact on one's body, I mean think of the damage the weight itself has done and the longer its been there???


You need to educate yourself on gastric bypass surgery before you go and post FALSE info. Gastric Bypass is not a "low carb diet" guess what, you CAN eat carbs! BUT you must eat more protein. You must learn how to eat HEALTHY and smaller portions! I have a suggestion, go do some studying on!

How can you say "it seems that you will also be in the hospital a lot more than you would if you didn't have the surgery" - this is FAR from the truth!. I had NO complications! I had a speedy recovery and was exercising 4 days post op! I have met alot of people and made great friends with others that have had this surgery. VERY FEW have ended up back in the hospital.

I tried low carb, it didn't work. I had the surgery, it worked! I have lost 115lbs in 15months and I couldn't be happier!

Achim Krull

I had a "stomach staple" (Gastric partition) surgery some 23 years ago. I cannot begin to tell you how well it worked for me. I had reached 400lb. The promise was that I would lose about 50% of my weight in two years, and then gradually regain about 25%. I lost 200 pounds, and as promised regained - over ten years - about 70 pounds. I remained stable at 370 for the next ten years. Suddenly two years ago, I gained another 30 pounds. Now I am on a low carb diet and have once again - over a period of one year - gone down to 250, not great but a hell of a lot better than before. But without the surgery twenty-three years ago, I'd be dead by now. If you can do it, do it. But not the temporary banding or balloon version. It has to be permanent, otherwise we foodaholics will revert to our previous eating habits.
If you have doubts, contact me.

Zulfikar Ali

Innovative Health Resources is a lap band surgery coordinator. we would love to hear your experince regarding lap band surgery. with your input, we can help our current and future patients better. thanks.

Piper Maru

I have had the Gastric Lap Band procedure done and there's no threat not receiving nutrients or minerals to my body. You see, it's NOTHING like the by-pass and we're able to absorb what our body needs just like everyone else.

The only difference is that we just don't EAT LIKE PIGS anymore! Please research and educate yourself on both types of surgeries before making blanket statements about either nutritional needs prior to or after surgery.


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I had a DS done 15 months ago, my only regret is I didn't do it sooner.
Taking vitamin supplements is a must, high protein/ low carb until you lose all the weight you want. Then you gradually start adding to carbs back for maintenance!

You didn't say exactly what type surgery Leticia had??????????? Vit A,DE and K deficiency is mor common after BPD/DS
So what type WLS did she have?


I had RNY Gastric Bypass in May 2010. I have had no problems whatsoever. I think there has been a great deal of medical improvements in the procedure...for example, most are done by laparoscopy. There is very little post-op pain. I'm not saying it was easy...the first 2 months were is so hard to get through the different phases of eating with a pouch the size of an egg! But, you do lose the weight. You must take your vitamins and protein supplements or you will suffer malnutrition.

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