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August 12, 2005



Enjoying your informative blog, by the way. It just really, really aggravates me how these assorted companies keep missing the boat on producing a healthier, low-carb alternative to the more popular snacks. The ingredients list on the product you mentioned is horrendous. Forget about the chemicals--they HAD to use partially hydrogenated oils? Those fake oils are murder on the human body. I don't get it. I'd rather something have an organic, whole wheat, fiber filled flour in use and real butter or even olive oil for the fat. What a pity that they can't get it together on this.
I need a cupcake...


I went to the web site and couldn't find a place to order the Sensables. Where did you find that assortment? Thanks!

Yes, I know the ingredients are horrendous. But heck... once it awhile won't kill me and it fills a need - CAKE! :O)


I ordered the chocolate chocolate chip and regular chocolate chip finger cakes from someone on ebay and received them today. Folks... They are FANTASTIC and taste like the real deal at only 2 carbs and 4 carbs depending on the variety. Don't hesitate to try them!

billy depp

They are cake and cake should not be healthy! It fills a need for a desert that you actually like and is cake! They did not move my glucose levels and since I am diabetic it is wonderful. Of course it is still a "treat" so I only have them once in a while but they taste(Sensable Vanilla Cream Filled Cupcakes ) just like a Twinky! The customer service however at Tasykake.COM is HORRENDOUS and buyer beware their website is NOT secure.

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