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August 26, 2005



I'm seeing a lot of sugar-free items these days. Is that the new "low carb?"

Diet King

Thanks so much for keeping track of the things we low-carbers depend on!
Wish someone could make a healthy Oreo!


If you go to my web site you will see that we have all kinds of 0 carb breads, bagels, pitas, crackers etc. We also now have taco shells, hard tortillas, and soon taco salad bowls. We now carry RW Garcia chips that are wonderful, carbquick and new carbplose flour. We also carry our own line of s/f granola and sweet hot and spicy nuts. Everything you have been missing is there and we don't carry anything with sugar alcohols or trans fat. Lindy [email protected]


I've been looking for this product for a while hoping it would come back. I have a problem with hypoglycemic (low blood sugar). I have to follow a diebetic diet to control it. I really enjoyed the carb well products because, I can eat a carb well snack and it does not affect my sugar.
Thank you CARB WELL.

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