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August 03, 2005



Oh man, this sucks! What am I to do???

Paul Cogswell

You stated "This blog rarely, if ever, endorsed a food product put out by Atkins." yet your site contains advertisments for Adkins. ?????

Kent "Bowulf"

I agree as well -- there was nothing ANA did that assisted me in getting to goal (190 pounds later). My copy of DANDR was published before they were incorporated, and I never partook of their shakes or bars. This diet is more than one corporation, and the ideas and rules are in the public awareness. If new followers have to do it the old-fashioned way before low carb convenience foods, I bet they will be more likely to deaden their cravings for sweets and also have less stalls due to foods not agreeing with them.



Advertisements on this site are delivered by Google and are based on keywords. Since I write about Atkins, advertisers who use that keyword come up on the site. I have no control over what does and does not get advertised.



Michael Austin

My wife and I started low carb in July 2003. Back then, there were so few low carb convenience foods around you couldn't help but follow the diet or fail. Shortly after, the market started getting flooded with everything we'd hoped for: yogurt, milk, cereal, bread, and on and on. Not that we overindulged, but we finally were getting some variety, and easily to boot. Sandwiches were possible again after induction, as were bowls of cereal and berries, waffles and syrup with sausage, pancakes and eggs, and even nut-crusted chocolate-coated ice cream bars for dessert. Anyone who apologized during Friday donut mornings because I couldn't partake, well, I snickered and advised that my treats were at home and were all I could ask for. And while they wolfed down both of their carb and sugar laden baked goods, I heated up my bacon and eggs and low carb toast, which they drooled over. I hope this is not the end of low carb convenience foods, but if it is, I know I can never go back to the way I ate before. It will just have to be a less bountiful world for me.

Anne Suessbrick

I am resending this because of an error report which was confusing as to what I should do. I cannot find the Atkins Carb Countdown yogurt in Manhattan (New York City) markets. My zip code is 10017. Can you tell me who carries it?
Anne Suessbrick

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