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June 15, 2005



You will lose much more body fat on much higher caeolirs on a low carb diet. You will lose more lean tissue on a low fat diet which will permanently lower metabolism (if not rebuilt)Eating carbs while trying to lose body fat is terribly inefficient. When in glycolysis (burning glucose as fuel) you have to lower your caeolirs (which slows your metabolism) exercise heavily to deplete your glycogen stores before burning body fat.The core of Atkins program is converting the body from glycolysis (burning glucose as fuel) to ketosis (burning fat as fuel). Dietary fat levels need to be at >65% of total caeolirs, if not, the body will still remain in glycolysis by converting 58% of excess protein into glucose (via gluconeogenesis). It takes minimum of 3 days to convert a body to ketosis, (but only one bite to convert back to glycolysis). People feel sluggish the first week but most feel better than ever thereafter.Simple carbohydrates (sugar, flour, bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice) trigger insulin which can store the caeolirs eaten into fat. The more protein the more the fat burning hormone glucagon is released. The more carbohydrate the more the fat storage hormone insulin is released.High insulin levels promote inflammation, weight gain, hunger unbalance other hormones. Controlling insulin levels will balance out other hormones allow human growth hormone (HGH) to be produced naturally so lean muscle will be gained even without exercise. Any exercise will greatly increase muscle mass with high HGH levels.

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