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June 02, 2005



My friend (a dentist)told me that consuming a sugar substitute really made no difference as far as weight loss was concerned b/c eventually the substitute turned into carbs. Wanting more info, I found your site, it was exactly what I was looking for as far as Splenda and its true nutritional value. Thanks for posting!!

Mariam, NYC


I wouldn't say that it's no difference -- 24g per cup is still a huge savings over 192g! But I'm still mad after having found this page and learning that Splenda's non-caloric, no-carbohydrate mumbo jumbo is BS.

Matt Hale

Just a point of interest here, if you do the math you will come to realise that in fact Splenda and sugar have nearly exactly the same amount of calories per weight. The only way in which Splenda has less calories than sugar is in the nature of their relative compositions. Sugar is in a more granular form, meaning that for weight it takes up less room. However Splenda has more of a flaky composition, meaning that it takes up far more room by itself. Regardless, when used in baking 100g of sugar will take up exactly the same amount of room at 100g of Splenda.


But when using Splenda for baking you meaasure it out cup for cup with sugar not gram for gram. 9.7 oz of Splenda is equivalent to 5 lbs of sugar.


I am pissed off that I bought splenda and then find out that it DOES have carbos - and the worst kind of carbos: simple carbos, or the same as refined sugar. It's back to nutrasweet or saccharin for me - noth of which have ZERO carbos!!
For your information, it is these simple carbos that turn right to fat.


Wow. Think about it. 1 packet of splenda is equal to 2 tsp of white sugar. 1 packet of Splenda is 4 calories and .9 carbs. 2 tsp of sugar is 32 calories and 8.3 carbs. That's quite a difference.

So why be "pissed off"? How much splenda could you possibly use in a day that less than one gram of carbs is going to matter in the long run. It comes down to taste and product safety.


yes it is sad to see the nutritional aspects of Splenda. But you must consider, Splenda is a more concentrated sweetener than sugar, so instead of using 10cal from sugar to sweeten something you only need 2cal of Splenda. Unless you have an incredibly large sweet tooth. Splenda would be a good weight loss supplement.

Lynn LeBolt

This is exactly the information I was looking for. Together with the Mayo Clinic website, you have made it MUCH easier for me to monitor my (necessary) extremely low-calorie diet. Thank you.


wooo 4 calories per packet :)
thats not bad at all in my opinion.


As a diabetic, I discovered early on that there was something wrong with Splenda. It shoots my blood sugar up, just like sugar.

There is a version of Splenda with fiber, in a green/yellow packet, that is truly calorie free. They use a fiber for the bulking agent, instead of the maltodextrin. It doesn't affect my blood sugar at all.

Kay Tingler

I am glad I found your artical. I am a diabetic. Every morning I check my blood. About 2 hours later I check it again. The reading is much higher than the morning reading. All I had in between the readings was 2 cups of coffee with splenda, no food. I always wondered what was causing my blood sugar to spike. Splenda has to be the reason. I don't think coffee has carbs. I am going to give up splenda for a day and sees what happens.


Kay, my husband has diabetes and he has no problems with Splenda raising his blood sugar levels. Since he switched to Splenda his A1C numbers have gone WAY down. I make brownies with Splenda and he loves them. His blood sugar does go up after drinking coffee though. Splenda carbs are not metabolized by the body like regular sugar. The Adkins Diet recommends Splenda for this reason. I lost 40 lbs on a low card diet and used Splenda all the time. If you are diabetic and drink coffee check out this web page. It may shed some light.

good luck Kay


I also found this from the Mayo clinic.


Thanks for the post, but I don't understand the indignation. You would have to eat a *lot* of this stuff for the carbs, or calories, to be a significant factor in your daily food intake.

As for me, I'll continue to use my two or three packets in the mornings with my coffee without fear.


If I may ask a question of anyone who may have an answer....

Will eating and using Splenda kick me outta ketosis because of the structure of Splenda or will it kick me outta ketosis by eating enough Splenda (.5 gram per tablespoon)to go over the 30 grams of carbs a day?

Thank you so much. :)

sarah morgan

I have to say after reading the posts I am a bit confused. Yes splenda is bull and does have carbs and is not calorie free but still isn't it better then sugar?? it seems splenda still has allot less carbs and calories, am I wrong?
I am diabetic and yes my blood sugar does rise after drinking coffee with splenda and I am having a very hard time losing the last 35 lbs. I have lost 80 lbs so far. Is there a better sugar substitute? and why is the fiber only in the packets? I never use packets.


Yes, I believe you haven't the correct figures. The FDA figures for Sucralose/Splenda are exactly what the calculations from K in 2005 stated.

Here are USDA figures as of Feb 2010.
Packet of SPLENDA(R)
1 packet = .9 gm of carb, 3.31 calories (1/4 teaspoon), sugars = .803

One cup Splenda = 172.7 g carbohydrates, 635. Kcalories, sugars = 154.s g

White granulated Sugar:
1/4 teaspoon (same as Splenda packet) = 1.05 Carbs, 4.063 K Cal, 1.049 Sugars

One-cup = 200 g carbs, 774 calories, Sugars =199.9 g


Just as a comment, if you do NOT eat yes your blood sugar will go UP! Believe it or not! Because your body takes that as "stress" and that you are starving and it will make it's own glucose. So your blood glucose rising 2 hours after you wake up when you haven't eaten is because you haven't eaten! Not because of Splenda.

MSW Diet

I count the calories and the carbs in Splenda because it matters if you're limited to Atkins induction level carbs or if you use a lot of it. A full cup in a pitcher of sweet tea can blow your day. To get into ketosis I must watch my intake. Since I like things sweet I'm switching to the liquid form which does not contain carbohydrate fillers. However, compared to the calorie/ carb count in sugar, granulated Splenda remains a winner for me. This is really good info.


I don't trust any information from the Mayo Clinic unless I can corroborate it from a trusted low-carb-friendly source because the MC makes lots of money from bariatric surgery.

I don't eat the same exact *mass* of Splenda that I would sugar for the equivalent amount of sweetness. If you use 100g Splenda in a recipe calling for 100g sugar you will gag from the sweetness. They are NOT the same thing.

If you're that worried about carb count then go zero carb and never eat anything with carbohydrate in it at all unless the carb is fiber. Otherwise, might as well come to terms with the fact that anything in the plant kingdom, or derived from it, is going to have carb count, and plan your intake accordingly. There is no substitute for personal responsibility, assuming no one in your life is force-feeding you.


AHHH im so upset about this! i eat around 40-50 packets of this stuff a day!!!!! THATS 160 TO 200 CALORIES I HAD NO IDEA I WAS INGESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Hays

Hello, I just found this site and have a question: Does anyone know why liquid splenda is not sold in this country? Is it illegal?

I ask because two years ago I was visiting my friend's family in South America, and they had bottles of it in the supermarket down there. He has since returned home, and had the idea that if he mailed a bunch up to me we could begin selling it. I have gone online to try and see if it is illegal here, and the only information I seem to be able to find is that it isn't sold here due to a lack of demand, which baffles me. It seems like everyone wants it??

It seems like it might be a good home business to start .... him shipping it up and me selling it here.

I just want to make sure I'm not going to break any laws or something if I begin selling it...???



You can buy liquid Splenda on It has no fillers (i.e., Dextrose) so there are zero carbs.


Jessica, what in God's name are you using 40-50 packets of a sweetener daily? Either you love overly sweet drinks or you are drinking too much. Try a little water every day. No calories, no carbs, and no taste (for the most part). However, you should be drinking on the order of 9 cups of water a day for women. If you sweat alot, then that number goes up. To drink 12 drinks with 2 packets would only be 24 packets. Probably more than you need. But I don't really know for sure. 24 times 4 calories is 96 calories, 12 g carbs. Make half of those drinks water, then it would be 48 cal and 6 grams of carbs. Now, were you serious about taking in 40-50 packets daily?!?

magic man

pickles have no calories!


Your blood sugar is going up from not eating! If you skip a meal your body will shoot out glucose.


For 32 years I have had to take Prednisone on a daily basis as a result of a kidney transplant. As some of you may know, this immunosuppressive drug is notorious for causing weight gain and I never had a weight problem until I began taking it. My weight just crept up every year and nothing I did seemed to make a difference. On Weight Watchers, it was lose 10, gain back 20 once you quit the program. Then, in the summer of 2011, with all other avenues exhausted and nothing left to lose except some weight, I decided to try limiting simple carbs (50-75mg/day) and avoiding sugar and as many sugar-based food items as possible (yes, birthdays and holidays still happen but I limit my indulging). Instead of sugar I now use Splenda to sweeten tea and/or coffee, and use diet drinks and Crystal Light--no more than three/day. As a result of these simple dietary modifications, as of May 2012 I have lost 23 pounds. This may not seem like a big weight loss compared to much higher weight losses recorded on some diet programs for the same period of time, but on Prednisone, it is very difficult to lose weight. And, for the first time my weight is going down and not up! The added benefit is that I now feel so much better physically having lost even this amount of weight. For those of you who are concerned about Splenda, in my research I have not uncovered anything that sets off alarm bells that this is something to avoid. I do know that as with most things in life, moderation is the key.


COLON HYDROTHERAPY COMMON QUESTIONS AND ANSWERSHow great! I keep hearing about cloonics and how great they are, but I've never been able to find out much about them. Maybe for starters, I should ask what is colonic hydrotherapy ? Also known as a "colonic", "colon lavage", colon irrigation", or "high colonic", colonic hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method for cleansing the colon of waste material by repeated, gentle flushing with water. And colon, what is that again ? The colon, or large intestine, is the end portion of the human digestive tract (food carrying passageway extending from the mouth to the anus). The colon is approximately 5 feet long and 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Its major functions are to eliminate waste and to conserve water. Also, there are bacteria living in the colon which synthesize valuable nutrients such as vitamins "K" and portions of the vitamin "B" complex. What is the purpose of having a colonic ? Well, waste material, especially that which has remained in the colon for some time, (i.e. impacted faeces, dead cellular tissue, accumulated mucous, parasites, worms, etc.), poses several problems. First this material is quite toxic (poisonous). These poisons can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream making us feel ill, tired or weak. Second, impacted materials impair the colon's ability to assimilate minerals and bacteria- produced vitamins. And finally, a buildup of material on the colon wall can inhibit muscular action causing sluggish bowel movements, constipation, and the result of these disorders. How can I tell if I have toxic material in my colon ? This condition is prevalent in all civilized societies, and particularly in the U.K. Common signs include: headaches, backaches, constipation, fatigue, bad breath, body odour, irritability, confusion, skin problems, abdominal gas, bloating, diarrhoea, sciatic pain, and so forth. As you can see, intestinal toxicity is part and parcel of many peoples everyday experience. It sounds to me as though intestinal toxicity is a common condition ? Yes it is, but toxicity is not limited to just the colon. Toxic material is found throughout the body, particularly in fat tissue, joints, arteries, muscles, liver, etc. Colonics effectively eliminate large quantities of toxic waste, affecting the condition of the entire body. But the colon isn't the only organ of elimination, what makes the colonic so important ? While the lungs, skin, kidneys and liver also serve to eliminate toxins, people have experienced throughout history that when they ensure that the colon is cleansed and healed, the well-being of the whole body is greatly enhanced. Colonic hydrotherapy has been found to be the most effective process available to accomplish this work quickly and easily. Okay, it appears to be important to cleanse the colon, but why not use enemas, suppositories or laxatives instead ? Well, every thing has its proper place, but those things really aren't substitutes for cloonics. Enemas are useful for emptying the rectum (the lowest 8 to 12 inches of the colon). Usually, one or two pints of water are used to do that. Suppositories are intended to accomplish the same task. Laxatives particularly herbal laxatives, are formulated for various purposes, such as: to undo the effects of temporary constipation, to build up the tone of the colon muscle, etc. But the Rolls Royce of colon cleansing without question is colonic hydrotherapy. What makes a colonic so special ? In a 45 minute session approximately 15 gallons of water is used to gently flush the colon. Through appropriate use of massage, pressure points, etc., the colon therapist is able to work loose and eliminate far more toxic waste than any other short-term technique. What will cloonics do to the colon ?Specifically, a colonic is used to accomplish the following: 1. Cleanse the Colon: Toxic material is broken down so it can no longer harm your body or inhibit assimilation and elimination. Even debris built up over a long period is gently, but surely removed in the process of a series of treatments. Once impacted material is removed, your colon can begin again to co-operate as it was intended to. In this very real sense a colonic is a rejuvenation treatment. 2. It Exercises the Colon Muscles: The build up of toxic debris weakens the colon and impairs its functioning. The gentle filling and emptying of the colon improves peristaltic (muscular contraction) activity by which the colon naturally moves material. 3. It Reshapes the Colon: When problem conditions exist in the colon, they tend to alter its shape which in turn causes more problems. The gentle action of the water, coupled with the massage techniques of the colon therapist helps to eliminate bulging pockets of waste and narrowed, spastic constrictions finally enabling the colon to resume its natural state. 4. It Stimulates Reflex Points: Every system and organ of the body is connected to the colon by reflex points colonic stimulates these points, thereby affecting the corresponding body parts in a beneficial way.Are there any additional benefits I might expect from a colonic ? Yes, there are several. Working with a skilled therapist a colonic can be a truly enlightening educational process. You will learn to expand your awareness of your body's functioning by including signals from your abdomen, your skin, your face and even from that most taboo of natural products, your elimination's. You will find that you can spot the beginnings of developing conditions through clues from these body regions and functions before they become serious. You can deal with them sooner and more easily than you otherwise might if you waited until they produce effects seen elsewhere in the body. Also, the solar plexus is the emotional centre of the body and the transverse colon passes right through it. If an emotional event is left uncompleted, it often results in physical tension being stored in the solar plexus, which affects all organs of the area, including the colon. This on-going tightening of the colon muscle results in diminished movement of faecal material through the colon, which is experienced as constipation. Not only do cloonics alleviate the constipation, they can assist you in creating a fully holistic view of your body's functioning, leading to a better quality of life. You've been talking a lot about messed-up colons, and I can certainly relate to some of the signs of toxicity you mentioned. What I would like to know is what are the characteristics of a healthy, well functioning colon ? Healthy babies, animals and adults not subjected to the "refinements" of civilization (i.e. aboriginal peoples) have bowel movements shortly after each meal is eaten. So, assuming there is sufficient fibre and water available to the colon, one characteristic is a bowel movement shortly after a meal is eaten. Once the urge to eliminate is honoured by a trip to the toilet, the elimination should be easy and take no more than a few seconds. The stool will be long, large in diameter, light brown in colour, without offensive odour and should float or sink very slowly. When the toilet is flushed, the stool immediately begins breaking apart by the action of water movement. As incredible as this may sound, it is true and commonly experienced in cultures where people live more naturally. How can I tell if I would personally benefit from a colonic ? Does your colon now exhibit the signs of a well functioning colon ? If not, one or more sessions with a knowledgeable colon therapist may bring you great dividends. Okay, it sounds like a colonic may be good for me, but will it be painful ? It rarely is. Usually, painful experiences are the result of resistance and tension. A professional colon therapist is skilled at putting you at your ease and minimizing discomfort. Most people actually enjoy the colonic and are especially pleased with the unaccustomed sensation of feeling lighter, clean and clear afterward. Sometimes during a colonic, the colon muscles will contract suddenly expelling considerable amounts of liquid and waste into the rectum. This may feel like cramping or gas, and may create a feeling of urgency to empty the rectum. Such episodes, if they do occur, are brief and easily tolerated. Is it embarrassing to have a colonic ? No, you will fully maintain your personal dignity. You will be in a private room with only your therapist, who fully appreciates the sensitivity of the colonic procedure and will help you feel at ease. Your emotions will be acknowledged and honoured. After the gentle insertion of a small tube into the rectum, you are completely covered. Rubber tubing carries clean water in and waste out in a gravity pressured system. The mess and odour sometimes present during an enema simply does not exist with a colonic. Is there anything I need to do to get ready for a colonic ?Since your abdomen will be massaged it is a good idea to eat or drink lightly in the 2 hours immediately preceding a colonic. Also helpful, but not essential, emptying the rectum with a bowel movement just prior to the colonic saves time and permits more to be accomplished.And what can I expect afterwards ? Most likely, you'll feel great. Probably you'll feel lighter and enjoy a sense of well-being. Not infrequently, someone having their first colonic will remark that it was one of the most wonderful experiences of their life. As soon as the colonic is finished you can carry on with daily routine. For some, the colonic may trigger several subsequent bowel movements for the next few hours, but there won't be any uncontrollable urgency or discomfort. It's also possible you may feel light-headed or chilled for a few moments following a colonic. If cloonics are so good, why haven't I heard about them before ? In a way, the answer to that is a commentary on our present day lifestyle. Historically, artifacts and records show that people have regularly purified their bodies, including cleansing the colon. Around the turn of the 20th century, the present-day colonic machine was developed, providing a significantly improved method of accomplishing colon cleansing. Up to the late 1920's many doctors had colonic machines in their offices, and machines were found in hospitals as well. Articles dealing with colon health frequently appeared in prestigious medical and scientific journals until the early 1930's. At that time modern man began a 50 year love affair with drugs and surgery. These seemed to offer relatively instant relief for body ailments, resulting in purification and prevention techniques becoming less attractive. Recently, however, there has been a resurgence of interest in using natural approaches for healing the body, and cloonics have rapidly been regaining the respectability they have already earned. Are cloonics dangerous in any way ? Being an essentially natural process, there is virtually no danger with a colonic. Our intent is to provide a safe and healthy service so that you do not have to worry. Cleaning and sterilization of the necessary equipment is done as normal procedure and clean linen is used for each colonic as well. I'm worried that I could become dependent on cloonics. If I have to many, the colon may stop functioning on its own. Are cloonics habit forming ? The colonic is a tool intended to be used to create a clean and healthy colon. A colon therapist who is dedicated to your health, will encourage you to set a goal of having a well-functioning colon. Our fulfilment comes from assisting you in healing your colon, not in making you dependent upon cloonics. Actually, one of its features is that a colonic can be used to tonify the colon muscle so that the colon doesn't perform so sluggishly. Many people have sluggish colons. It may take days for bowel movements to return after a good colonic. This is when people think they are becoming "dependent" on cloonics. One good colonic is worth 20 or so regular bowel movements, so it may take some time for faecal material to build up in the colon once again if one has a sluggish colon. When the colon is sluggish and bowel movements do not return for a few days after one colonic, it is an indication that extensive colon work is needed to remove the debris that the bowel has built up over the years. This build up of faecal material has decreased the muscular action in the colon. Once a series of cloonics is completed , the colon will begin to function like Mother Nature intended. Colonics give you a feeling of being lighter, cleaner and healthier with a sense of well-being. Cleansing and building programs offer preventative measures so that you can be in control of your own health. Dietary changes may be necessary to ensure long lasting and vital health. Will a colonic make me constipated or give me diarrhoea ? The most frequent post-colonic experience is to have a slight delay in bowel movements and then a resumption of a somewhat larger, easier to move stool. Sometimes if the colon is weak and sluggish, there may be no bowel movement for several days following a colonic. However this is not due to the colonic, but rather to the weakness of the colon, and should be interpreted as an indication that the colon requires strengthening and healing. Very infrequently diarrhoea or loose bowels may be experienced. This could be due to the extra water introduced into the colon or to the stirring up of toxic waste. If this should occur, it is usually of very short duration. However, since severe diarrhoea dehydrates the body, it must be carefully monitored. Suppose I have been suffering from constipation for a long time, will cloonics help ? We want to state that constipation can be successfully treated with natural, harmless techniques, including the use of cloonics. Constipation is one of what may be termed "civilized man's diseases". There are three factors involved in having a well functioning colon: diet, exercise and attitude. All three must be in balance for the colon to function well. Often, however, because the colon has been sluggish for so long, it has become severely weakened due to being constantly bathed in toxic waste, stretched from holding excessive amount of stools, and frequently, constricted by chronic tension in the colon. The process of colonic hydrotherapy is excellent for cleansing and healing the colon sufficiently so that changes in diet, exercise, and attitude are then able to produce their effects. Many people find the relief provided by cloonics stimulates the motivation and enthusiasm to institute positive changes in their lifestyle. Some people say that cloonics wash out intestinal flora and valuable nutrients. Is this so ? The truth is that the washing out of putrefied material in the large intestine, increases the good intestinal flora. Good bacteria can only breed in a clean environment which has been washed free of putrefaction and its accompanying harmful bacteria. This is why the intestines of a new born baby immediately begin to grow good intestinal flora. Each time you clean out the putrefying rubbish and make a better environment for the good flora, they start to multiply immediately in their natural media. It also stands to reason that valuable nutrients can better be absorbed in a clean environment than in a putrefied one. With all this talk of bacteria, I wonder what effect colonic hydrotherapy has on our immune systems ? The removal of stagnant waste material and hardened, impacted toxic residue could rejuvenate the immune tissue that resides in the intestines. Recent European studies speculate that 80% of immune tissue resides in the intestines. This is much higher than previously thought and makes it logical to believe that this type of therapy could influence such immune deficiency diseases as M.E. cancer and A.I.D.S. Colon Hydrotherapy is not a cure-all, but an important adjunctive therapy in the overall health care of the client. How long does a colonic take ? Probably 90% of all cloonics take about 45 minutes. It could also be shorter or longer than that, based upon the judgement of the therapist and sometimes, the wishes of the client. There will also be about 15 minutes required before the colonic for the therapist to go over your medical history, another 15 minutes should be allowed for changing. On a first colonic you should expect to spend an hour and a half at the clinic. Is there a special kind of water used for colonic hydrotherapy ? We use highly filtered water, which passes through three seperate filters before being heated to the correct temperature. This kind of water is capable of absorbing and flushing more toxins out of the colon because of its drawing effect on solid particles, chemicals and other matter. Tap water is not used because it already has numerous chemicals and inorganic substances present. Will it be okay to eat after having a colonic ? We suggest that you eat at your normal meal time, and consume a moderate amount of whatever seems gentle and nourishing to you. Just as it doesn't make sense to have you car cleaned and then immediately drive it through mud, eating a meal known to cause trouble in your abdomen directly after a colonic isn't an intelligent choice. Salads, vegetable soups or broths, fruit, or juices are the best choice. Will one colonic completely empty the colon ? Almost never. Firstly, many of us have a considerable amount of impacted faeces in our colon. This is hardened, rubbery or wallpaper like material. Substantial work must be done to remove it. Secondly, there is a subtle learning process involved in receiving cloonics. As you become more aware of what is going on in your abdomen, and as your body learns how to allow the cleansing experience, you are better able to enter into that process, and therefore more material is released. One colonic will remove some of the stagnant waste in the colon. The second and subsequent cloonics will remove more. How many you may wish to have will depend upon your personal objectives. How will I know when the colon is empty ? It will probably never be completely empty, as its an organ in continuous use. As more of the old impacted material is released you will actually feel the water enter higher regions of the colon without any sense of obstruction. The objective should not be an empty colon, but rather a well functioning colon.Will a colonic clear up my skin ? Your skin actually "breathes" and is an important organ of elimination of waste material. Sometimes, if the colon, liver or kidneys are functioning poorly, the skin will be required to make up the difference. Surface eruptions on the skin of various sorts may occur due to toxins being released. Cleansing and healing the colon diminishes the burden placed upon the skin as well as the other organs of elimination: lungs, liver and kidneys. As elimination is accomplished through its proper channels, the skin will very often clear up. How expensive is a colonic ? This varies dependant upon location etc. Although cost is obviously relevant, far more important is your health. A knowledgeable colon therapist can help you on the road to vital health.


Three Weeks1. Activated Charcoal: binds intestinal tonixs and unfriendly microbial growth and excretes them into the stools. 500-600 mg. 3 times per day 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals and medication.2. Bentonite Clay: If activated charcoal is not available, this can be found. It's a type of edible clay that acts as a bulk laxative by absorbing water to form a gel. It binds tonixs to help carry them out of the colon-can be found at a health food store. 1 tablespoon liquid benonite clay 2-3 times per day 1 hour befoe or 2 hours after meals and medication.3. Psyllium: It's a dietary fiber that supports normal bowel function. it cleanses the mucous lining of the intestines and increases the bulk of the stools. 1 teaspoon psyllium powder 3 times per day. Stir it in with 8 oz water and drink immediately. Take w/ teh activated charcoal or if using bentonite clay. Stir it into the psyllium water.4. Probiotics: 1 capsule 3 times per day of this "good/friendly" bacteria. Continue taking probiotics for several weeks after the cleansing is over. Some good things to look for in a probiotic supplement. most common strains lactobacillus acidophillus for small intestine bifidobacterium bifidum for large intestine*look for a combination of the two. Should be refrigerated before and after opening. Each capsule or dose should contain more than 1 billion viable bacteria. Minimum therapeutic dose is 108-109 cells per day5. Diet foods to enjoy: fresh fruit, fresh vegetables (except corn great ones are broccoli, cauliflower, broccoli sprouts, onions, garlic, artihokes, beats, red and green vegetables) rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet, buchwheet, beans (split yellow adn green peas, lentils, kidney, pinto, mung, garbanzo, adzuki) Nuts and seeds (avoid peanuts), extra virgin olive oil and grapeseed oil, teas (herbal w/o caffeine)6. Avoid: sugar, wheat, corn, yeast, caffeine, alcohol, food additives, preservative, chocolate, fats7. Vegetable broth and vegetable concentrate8. 8-12 glasses fluids per day9. Contrast showers: the difference between hot and cold showers increases circulation, promotes detox, and strengthens immune system. This helps bring nutrients, oxygen and immune cells to damaged and stressed tissues and carries away metabolic waste, inflammatory by-products and other tonixs. (start w/ 3 min hot water followed by less than 1 min cold, repeat at least once, always finishing w/ cold.)This detox plan is a sure way to rid yourself of a huge percentage of tonixs.. good luck.. it's a tough three weeks!! You can do it though, and will get the results you both want and deserve!!


Thanks so much for this recipe . I lost 115 poduns in about 7 months doing atkins and I still follow the diet to keep the weight off and I've gotten used to eating the same things but this is by far the most delicious snack I have had one this diet. The only thing I did differently was I use chocolate Muscle building meal replacement shake in place of the vanilla protein power but it still tastes amazing and still relatively low carb(only like 18 carbs in the amount I used). Thanks again!


BEST ONE: Women's Renew available at Super Supplements. It is very ardfofable! It's a three pill process that is actually very "light" on your body no diarrhea and no cramping. It's specifically formulated for women (there is also one for men). It takes two weeks to complete one program, however you can extend it to a month. If you are using this as a dietary supplement, make sure you are eating healthy and try to get at least a walk in every day trust me, it helps!Some tips with any intestenal cleansing:If you are on medications, take them 30 minutes prior to taking the Women's Renew this gives your body the time to absorb the medication correctly.Drink LOTS of water!! Believe it or not, more water helps you go easier! Good tip for constipation, too.Include a supplement called "Jarro-Dopholius" it's good bacteria that would otherwise be completely wiped out of your ssytem, and you do need some of it.


Congratulations!! A new kitten is so exntiicg, and good on you for doing some research on what is best for the kitty.Stop feeding Purina. Iams, Science Diet and Purina is all but poison to pets. Read "Food Pets Die For" by Ann N. Martin if you don't believe me. It really is shocking.Look into Innova EVO. I personally think it is the best food out, a little expensive, but worth it in the long run (less vet bills). The same company also puts out California Natural. Also and excellent food that's not as expensive. Go to for more information.Others to look up: Artemis, Wellness, and Felidae. Fantastic foods with websites by those names.Please note: Cats are obligatory carnivores. Meaning they don't need ANY plant material in their diets. The new "indoor formulas" with "nutritious plants" is just marketing hype to sell (bad) cat food. Some cats like to eat grass and catnip, but none need it nutritionally.Have fun with your new friend.Cheers.EDITIt is absolutely true that they use dead cats and dogs in pet food. Read the book, it mentions it.


I'm just wondering if any of you have chronic muscle pain and migraines, or liver problems? Splenda is very toxic

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