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May 30, 2005


Jesse DeHay

Great recipes, Kalyn. We've already tried a couple of them, and they were very good.

Jimmy Moore

What a GREAT concept for a blog -- Low-Carb Recipes! I have added this blog to my list of Low-Carb Links and look forward to many tasty recipes to sink my teeth into. THANKS for sharing with your readers about this superb new web site.


Kalyn is a darn good cook, however, there is one thing she does even better. We have to convince her to show us all a picture of her extra freezer. It is beyond organized. Truly a sight to behold.


You can't go wrong with one of Kayln's recipe's. She was a gourmet cook BEFORE going low-carb so she knows about good tasting meals. Be sure to try her soups.


Great blog, keep up the good work !


I cant beleive the amount of different recipes, what a totally fantastic blog, thank goodness I stumbled upon this today! many thanks :)


crab is nice ut i more prefere red meat can you advice me where to go actually


hey thats nice and thank you for sharing this with us i hope next time i will be here for a new experiment


can u use extracts (ex. mccormicks respberry extract) in the induction phase?

Cooking Recipes

Nice Blog, very interesting and fascinating content you have there... I also have similar to this, would you mind if i ask you for a link exchange? Regards...


This is excellent list but I don't have experienced any. If you have more add them also to this list. Otherwise, you can share this with other’s list if you like.
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I agree. Her recipes are really great!

I’m wondering what you and other people think. I’ve been doing some research on healthy eating and low carb diets in particular and came up with this one site called where there are debates by experts on various subjects. There is one debate called: “Are Low Carb Diets Healthy?”.

I like the idea that these people are experts in their fields, but this one guy says something that gives me pause. He says something to the effect that eating whole plant foods is associated with having good health but diets high in animal protein and fats are not. He also says that in a global sense, a sustained low carbohydrate diet which comes mainly from animal foods creates significant challenges for the planet and also other health issues for people such as antibiotic resistance.”

What do you think he means when he says that a diet which comes primarily from animal proteins is bad for the planet? That’s the first time I ever heard that. If you have time, take a look and let me know what you think by posting your comment. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing!
I have just found one more great site:
Hope this will help to build your list of recipes.


I believed a balance diet is utmost important to health.


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