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March 31, 2005



A question about the Brittish labeling system. Should I read "Total Carbohydrates" as what we would call "Net Carbs"?

Kevin Dorren

Yes, the Total carbohydrates in our bars are the 'net carbs' of the US, we label fibre (fiber!) seperately. Go Lower does not deduct any carbohydrates so what you see on the packet is the total carbs in our bars.


Thanks for posting the info about this bar, Karen! Do you have any retail source of oligiofructose syrup and inulin? I would like to take that list of ingredients and experiment with making bars of my own!

Jimmy Moore

I too have had the GoLower bars and would HIGHLY encourage them to seek American distribution as soon as possible. They are the absolutely BEST non-chocolate low-carb product I have ever tasted! I wrote my own review ( of them at my blog recently.

For you chocolate fans, GoLower also has these delicious looking brownies that are probably out of this world. I haven't tried them yet myself, but hope to do so very soon.

WE NEED GOLOWER BARS IN THE U.S. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaase!!!


Hi, could you tell me if your go lower nut bar is suitable for vegeterians.


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