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March 08, 2005


Anil Monga

Interested in Low carb products for Indian market.


I'm very disappointed about this. The Keto Chocolate Rain Ice Cream bar was fabulous, like a Dove bar. I'm very disappointed that even though it's a quality product I'll no longer be able to get it.


The Keto hot cereals were the staple of my low-carb program. High protein, low carb, and high fiber were a winning combination + they were the only ones that really tasted like oatmeal and not chopped up "rope". Anyone have suggestions of other brands that are comparable to the Keto hot cereals?

Desperate in Houston.


I am SOOOO disappointed about the Keto company. Their ice cream was by far the very best in the low carb market (real heavy cream, etc)! I will sorely miss it and their other products. So much of the stuff coming out of the big companies just tastes terrible, especially when it comes to ice cream.

Doomed to an ice cream free existence in Houston


Anyone know where I can still buy up Keto milk?
Thanx for the help.


For almost a year, I have been searching for KETO's Hot Chocolate. It is simply the BEST instant hot chocolate ever made! Then, today, on a search to see if I could order this product on-line, I discover the company is out of business! I have only used KETO products for my low-carb, nutritional needs. Their products were superlative. How I wish someone would manufacture this excellent hot chocolate again.


I am so upset that keto went under! I loved their powder shakes they were the best!!! Atkins new powder shakes are awful like water!!! How i wish I could find a good low carb powder shake like the keto ones!!!

Marguerite redfearn

I have been searching for keto products for sometime now. No one seem to carry them any more now I know why...This is terrible..Keto has the best tasting low carb foods of any other manufacturer.
I am sorry to hear they are out of business.
We loved thier Choclate rain icecream one has anything that comes near the great taste.
a happy customer that is not happy any more.

Marguerite redfearn

I have been searching for keto products for sometime now. No one seem to carry them any more now I know why...This is terrible..Keto has the best tasting low carb foods of any other manufacturer.
I am sorry to hear they are out of business.
We loved thier Choclate rain icecream one has anything that comes near the great taste.
a happy customer that is not happy any more.

Grahame Maskell

Hello There

I represent a UK company that makes Low Carb Products..We have our own factory and sell our brand through internet companies. You are right about the supermarkets though and in the UK they seem to have ditched the Low carb as soon as Atkins went out of the market..

many thanks


Kaye Renfrow

Recently I requested our local Turlock CA 99 cent only store to get more Keto rain bars and they finally did. I guess I will have to enjoy them while I can.

Maybe some of you can get your 99
cent only store to get some of the very few left.

Hope you will have some good news for us, that another company will make something like them soon.


Jon auspitz


Roy Bitter

I am a diabetic and enjoy a moderate quantity of bread in my diet.

As a result, I purchased 2 of each low-carb bread mix that Keto produced. After I made each of them, according to instructions, I was very dissatisfied with the product. They all produced large hocky pucks about the size of a softball and were extremely chewy and flat.

I have experimented with low-carb breads in my kitchen and have developed a basic recipe that is tasty and has less than 13 grams of carbs in per slice.

If anyone is interested in the recipe please e-mail me.


You can still get Keto hot cereal (Blueberry & Cream only) at I just ordered a couple cans myself.


if anyone knows where i can get the keto hot cereals, please please let me know!!! i really want them! thanks


There is NO product I have found since Ketofood's demise that is as good as Keto!

Best, so far, is EAS AdvantEdge -- it satisfies my hunger during school (I can have a quick drink in class), I love the coffee, chocolate, and strawberry flavors and enjoy drinking them.

But, my carbo cravings continue despite the EAS product. And I feel tired, cranky, and not nutritionally cared for.


With Keto drinks (especially the powder which required addition of water more than the ready-to-drink), I dropped the 18 lbs to my desired weight and maintained that for a couple of years. I was NOT craving junk. I was healthy and full of energy. I ate reasonably.

Now, I've put on 7 lbs and need to stop that right now.

I still have some old Keto powder on-hand and will use that until it is gone -- already I feel better. My morning starts off right and I feel good all day with no cravings.

When, oh WHEN will someone make a powder with the same nutritional benefits and even the same formula that will benefit those of us who thrived on the Keto products?


I am devistated. This explains my inability to find any more Keto Brownie mix. I exercise for long distance events where food must be consumed during the event. The brownies made good substitutes for energy bars while training or racing. Many so called makers of low carb products, including the large manufacturers, are a joke, and they load up their offerings with sugar alcohols and other unhealthy ingredients. We need more Keto type manufacturers. I do not understand the resistance of large manufacturers to creating truly healthy offerings must be about maximizing the bottom line by using the cheapest alternatives.


I have found that the LowCarbSuccess Flax-o-meal is a good replacement for my beloved KETO hot cereal & it comes in different flavors to choose from. Depending on the flavor, it is 1-2 carbs per serving. Add a 1/2 cup Flax-o-meal granola to that and you've got a huge bowl. As my "milk" replacement, I found "Soy Slender" and it is 1 carb for 1 cup and it is absolutely fabulous! It comes in Vanilla, Chocolate & Cappuccino flavors. Even as a snack with some whip cream & a sprinkle of cinnamon on top ~ Yummy! Try the Vanilla with a squirt of DaVinci syrups; the coconut flavor makes it taste like a Pina Colada. So bummed that Keto went under ~ wish a big manufacturer would rescue it.


Nothing like being a little late. Needed to get back onto a high protein diet and first start was good old fashioned Cappucino Keto Mix drink. I actually had two containers left. My mom took one - hmmmm, maybe she hasn't used it. I opened my other this morning and it still tastes wonderful. Decided to order a supply only to find out there is no Keto anymore. Now what do I do. If anyone has found a tasty alternative, please advise. This has to be worst news I've gotten in a long time.


The Keto formulator Pete Maletto has his own company now called DynaPure Nutrition. They have the Keto Shakes, but they are called WARP 9 Shakes. I've tasted them and they are actually better than the Keto Shakes. I've lost 12 pounds since using them and I try many different recipes as they have only vanilla and chocolate.

If you want cappuchino do what I do and put in 1 tsp of instant coffee in the vanilla WARP 9 shake and it's d'lish! I also use crystal light orange drink instead of water and add vanilla shake to make orange creamsicle.

I am in the same boat, very lost without the Keto products. I have heard that Pete is starting a new company called Sugar Sense that is ready to launch in 07. I can't wait to see what is available because it has been tough living without low carb foods.


I recently found some nice raspberry ice cream bars at BJ's under the Keto name. Does anyone know what's up with this? I'd be interested in getting more Keto ice cream if I could. And some Atkin's mint chocolate Chip ice cream, if I could find it.


I am sad to hear about Keto. I drank the Keto low carb shake mix,it was my evening meal and curb my appetite that I didn't want snacks and which was part of my low carb diet it really helped my diabetes; even my doctor was telling me how good I was doing.

The shakes were the best I've ever tasted. I have tried several different ones since then and they are all foul tasting or clumpy or just don't dissolve and they don't keep you satisfied. A couple hours later I want to eat again.

jennifer Ferguson

My mother and I only found these Keto raspberry bars a short while ago. They really help our cravings. If anyone has any information on where to get more, please let me know. Or if anyone knows the manufacturer of these bars, that would be great too, since I've heard that Keto had someone else make these delicious bars.


Anybody still looking, I have some KETO soy shakes and some cereal left. Let me know.


The Keto Slim shake by Natures Plus is still available, it was better than the Keto Foods and the Atkins product. In health food store primarily.

Diane Watts

Do you know where I can purchase keto milk?


I like you blog for one simple resoan… you are so sincere and close to us… there are a lot of blogs which describe how easy is to loose weight… I don’t know for others, but for me the diet is an ordeal… I am glad I found someone telling the truth


Actually, they are going back to the Ketogenic diet thanks to a new porduct just recently on the market. It does seem to help some Alzheimer's disease patients ( the APOe negative ones) . However there is no evidence that it would help a normal brain. Just has not been studied. Terrible diet, usually failed because it is so difficult to stay on. Has been used in the past to treat seizures in children.The new porduct (Axona) is a prescription porduct, and you are not likely to get a Rx for that indication. Doctors will sometimes use a drug off label , but in today's society deviating from the book can be expensive. They certainly would not risk it just to be a study aid.


What you are doing is NOT Atkins or a ketogenic diet. I seggust you do neither since you have no clue which can be extremely dangerous. Low carb should never be low fat or low calorie.Ice cream is fine as long as it doesn't have sugar in it or milk (which has lactose/sugar)I recommend to lose weight, cut out all sugars starches. No sodas, juices, cookies, candy, cakes, etc. As healthy as fruit may be, it's natural sugars do not only not promote fat loss, they actually promote fat storage (fructose is the most lipogenic carb).Make sure half your meals are green non starchy vegs eat lots of protein good fats, limit your complex carb portions to no more than your protein portion.Studies have shown that some people can gain fat stores even on a semi starvation diet of 1000 calories a day if it's composition is high carb, low fat. So obviously, calories aren't the key to fat loss.I am adamantly opposed to low calorie dieting because most people lose a good portion of lean tissue (including vital organs like the heart) along with fat stores. There is no nutrition in fat stores, only energy. Most people get impatient and lower their calories and increase their exercise to a point where they lose so much lean tissue that when they return to what was maintenance level eating they are now accumulating more fat stores because their caloric needs have dropped due to the loss of this tissue as well as their metabolism slowing down to work more efficiently on fewer calories it becomes a vicious cycle of dieting and more loss (including vital organs like the heart). This stress to the vital organs cannot be healthy.

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