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March 25, 2005



Thanks for linking to me, Katherine! (Although Modblog has been doing a lot of upgrading, so if at first you don't succeed, try again in a day or so!)

I don't know that low-carbing does zero for visceral fat. Visceral fat is linked to insulin resistance, so it might help a bit - in any case, low-carbing wasn't tested in any of the studies I've read about visceral fat. But I *have* read enough to convince me that no diet *alone* will do it, especially beyond middle age, which is when the visceral fat seems to commence to set in. :-(


I have a question: Recently, researchers have found a way to remove visceral fat by surgery. Do you (or any body) know where can I find a medical center in california that does this procedure?

dont do it please its a dumb fad diet its just a scam i
strongly ercomend you dont pay any attention to diets you see
on the web they are usually a bunch of crap and because its only ment
to scam people then you probably wont find it anywhere for free just drink water and exercise the harder and longer you exercise the faster the
weight will come off if you want an extra push try hoodia and think of getting
a personal trainer

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