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February 23, 2005



I just called Frito-Lay, and they have discontinued their EDGE line. Their Tostitos Restaurant-Style Edge Chips (6 net carbs) were EXCELLENT. Please call and let them know we want them BACK! 1-800-352-4477.


I just called Frito-Lay, and they have discontinued their EDGE line. Their Tostitos Restaurant-Style Edge Chips (6 net carbs) were EXCELLENT. Please call and let them know we want them BACK! 1-800-352-4477.


As far as I can tell, both Carb Well Oreos and Chips Ahoy! were discontinued in the recent weeks. They were GREAT - main problem is that they weren't marketed at all. It seems like they didn't realize that they were better than most existing low carb cookies (Atkins, others) and also slightly LESS expensive than those other brands. They were of course more $$ than regular cookies, but duh!
Also it looks like Heinz low carb ketchup was discontinued - I'm trying other brands now.


Gone is Carb Options Whipped Dressing (miracle Whip) Pulled off shelves...I think now that the big companies have driven out the little ones we are doomed...esp now that those same big companies now feel we are not enough to support adn are getting out of the business of low carb. Back to the summer of 2003...when we were stuck with nothing but bark and soy.


Dreamfields pasta - I contacted Wal-Mart via the internet and received a personal phone call from the manager of my local Chesapeake, VA store explaining to me that they are no longer carrying Dreamfields' pasta products. I did find the product a Kroger grocery store in nearby Virginia Beach, VA.


I'm in central NY. I am finding Dreamfields Pasta (Penne, Spaghetti, Linguini and Elbows) at Price Chopper, P&C and Tops Grocery stores!!!! I found it last week at Price Chopper for $1.99/lb on sale. This is THEE best tasting pasta in the WORLD! I'm liberated! I can again, eat pasta.


1) I have never yet seen the Carb Well Oreos anywhere, which is a shame because Oreos are one food I really like to eat on the days I go off my diet, and the low carb ones I would be able to have more often.

2) Dreamfield's pasta is available in Safeway stores. It's the only kind I ever buy anymore.

3) I was bummed about the low carb Doritos. They rocked! I have 9 bags stashed under my kitchen sink. I called FritoLay quite a while back to urge them to keep the product around, but oh well. You can't win 'em all.

4) Total Protein is available at Target. They also had low carb Special K. I bought a box of each.

5) Ketchup I haven't had trouble with. Both Keto and Atkins sell it, so I'll always have something.

6) Carb Well cereal bars are changing their name to South Beach Diet. Last time I was in Safeway they had them on sale so I bought two boxes. I love the peanut butter. It makes for a great fast breakfast.

And now Keto is going out of business?!? They had the best stuff! :(

GNC is carrying less and less low carb products. Beyond a few sparce products, I am having difficulty finding anything at my local GNC in Alameda, CA. San Francisco offers a few more choices.

I've been on Atkins 11 months and really like it.


As of today I'm having difficulty locating the Betty Crocker Carb Monitor Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

I had never tried them because of the higher carb count but now that I'm at goal they are a nice change on occasion.

I did check their website and they are no longer listed so I emailed them for confirmation.

It's such a shame that so many products are being discontinued.


My favorite maple syrup has disappeared! Does anyone have any recommendations for one that's flavorful and a little thicker? I don't like the runny ones.

Bonnie Scott

I too love dreamfield's pasta. It is so nice to be able to eat pasta again! I was disappointed when Walmart quit carrying it. But, I live in Illinois near a Meijer and Schnucks and they are still carrying it. Hopefully it won't become discontinued. Any suggestions for a replacement for the "miracle whip"? My family uses alot of it.


I am very upset with the Post Carb Well Bars being gone but since they have changed to the south beach diet bars I still cannot find them. I bought the last 20 boxes at Walmart of the post bars so I have plenty for a little while. Frito Lay I am upset with as well because none of the stores here carry the Baked Cheetos anymore and they were out for a very short time....I love those and can't find them anymore :O( Everything I eat gets discontinued lol


roche brothers supermarkets, in the boston area, has stopped carrying dreamfields pastas, they just began carrying the brand a few months ago and i was so excited, but now it's gone! back to for my dreamfields!


My web site has a lot of sale items on it that we are discontinuing carrying. Please check it out. Also check out our 0 carb breads bagels etc and our sugar free sugar alcohol free desserts.


i am extremely upset about Keto. I miss cereal terribly and I loved the Keto Coco Crisp that Keto manufactured. It was so good. I cannot find it anywhere- even left overs. Please leave a note if you have seen it!




karrie ortgiesen

Does anyone know what the new packaging for the former Post CarbWell Cereal Bars will look like? I have heard that they are now going to be called the South Beach Diet Bars, they will be the same bars right? I love the peanut butter ones so much, I hope they don't change them!


Were can I find Post low carb cereal bars in Illinois?
Stores around here are no longer carrying them. Please help!! My daughter & I love the cinnamon raisin, especially!!

karrie ortgiesen

Are you looking for the Post "Carb Well" cereal bars? They have been pulled from the shelves temporarily. I guess they are being re-packaged because they are now going to be the South Beach Diet Bars, they should be back on the shelves by the end of April, or at least that is what I have heard. Hope this helps.

S. A. Shniderman

The Post CarbWell Cereal Bars have stopped appearing in stores like Dominic's, Walgreen's and CVS.

Chicago, North Side


It is as if everything I eat/enjoy LC is no longer anywhere to be found! In Green Bay WI it has been hard enough finding GOOD LC food and now these are MIA.
Oh, I see KETO is no more (they had some of the best stuff!)
Genny's Chocolate Mint Fugdge soy crisp.
Kepm's LC Cottage Cheese
Z bars (WalMart had, but gone now.)
BioChem Deluxe Mint Chocolate LC power bar (" ")
Healthy Valley Carb Fit Chocolate Chip/Peanut Butter Cookies
Waist Watchers Soda, I never found here
ETC...I am fearing I will have to stop LC, it has been over a year and all that works for me.

jane dennison

We are still producing a fantastic range of low carb foods here in the U.K. We did sell from our site but we are now stricly trade.

I would suggest you e mail the site if you are interested in their products.


I live near a Super Wal-Mart in New Orleans, Louisana(Kenner, to be exact). This store no longer carries Post Carbwell cereals or cereal bars. Luckily, I found some of the cereal, with a limited shelf life, at a Dollar Tree Store. Do you know where I can find the cereal bars in New Orleans?

Debbie Homan

Does anyone know if Post Carbwell cereal is being discontinued. I cannot find it in any grocery stores. I shop at Giant and last time I was there, the shelf did not include Carbwell. I looked for the label on the shelf and there was none! I asked the customer service person, she said she would ask the manager and call me. I am still waiting for her call and that was almost two weeks ago! Does anyone know? ? ?



I bought 15 boxes of the Post CarbWell cereal bars today at Costco. I had to call around as most Costco's have discontinued them. This store must have gotten all of the remains. I know they will be repackaged as the South Beach bars. I called Post and they said they should be in stores, but I called Safeway today and they did not have them. Maybe they'll show up soon. You may be able to get more info if you call Post at 800-431-7678.

Corinne McCarthy

So what are we the consumer suppose to do with all of these low carb products being discontinued? Why is it that products that are unhealthy are still available but for those who have worked LONG AND HARD to lose weight has to now resort back to being deprived of good tasting low-carb items.

Is there somewhere we can write to to fight the discontinuation of all these products?


It looks like Carb Well Cereal has been discontinued in all the grocery stores in Burlington, NC. Does this mean they stopped making it? I'd appreciate any information I can get. Thanks.


can anyone help me with finding Post Oreo cereal? It seems to be dicontinued in the Maryland area.


I'm looking for the Post Carbwell Cereal Bars! Market Basket, Shaw's and Stop & Shop do not carry them any more. I finally found bars I liked, now I can not get them. Can I buy direct? I'm from Massachusetts, North east of Boston


Does anyone know if any Keto products are still available? Specifically bananna low carb oatmeal and bananna low carb soy protein


These comments refer to Woodbridge, VA (northern Virginia)

I had been buying many of my low-carb staples at BJs lately, including Dreamfields, Low Carb Special K and Dannon Carb Control. On my last trip, NONE of them were on the shelves. When I went to the manager and asked her to check their inventory, we discovered that none of the products were in their system anymore, as either sold-out or on-order, which indicates that they probably won't be carrying them anymore. Fortunately, all of the products are available at local Safeway stores, but at a much higher price. So, they aren't lost to the area, but we'll be paying more for them. Am hoping to check with Costco tomorrow to see what is happening there!


"Product Watch"

Why did the planters carbwell product discontinued, it was the best low carb candy bar out there, I have even got people that have never been on a low carb diet liking them, they keep asking me if I have any more.
Please let me know if there is anyway to get a hold of any that are possibly left out there.
Also if there is a way you could give me the recipe on how to make them that would be awsome.
Thank you very much !


Why did the planters carbwell product discontinued, it was the best low carb candy bar out there, I have even got people that have never been on a low carb diet liking them, they keep asking me if I have any more.
Please let me know if there is anyway to get a hold of any that are possibly left out there.
Also if there is a way you could give me the recipe on how to make them that would be awsome.
Thank you very much !

Mel Silverman

In Tucson, Arizona, Trader Joe's still carries lo-carb English muffins. They are as good as the regular English muffin that they sell.


Ok..Hood has discontinued the Whole low carb milk but still has the 2% and skim...they have added Egg Nog to the North East and Wisconsin.
I just bought several boxes of the Betty Crocker garlic roasted mash they still have them here, (Long Island east end) but probably wont be re stocking.
We do have the low carb potatoes by sunlite...they are good and picky DH doesnt know the difference...they are good baked, mashed and hold up great in beef stew in the pressure cooker.


Planters CarbWell bars... The best place to find them is Big Lots if there are any left. It seems most of the discontinued products end up there. I bought two cases and stashed them in the basement where it's cool. I agree with Paul! They're excellent. By the time I discovered them they were on their way out. :o(

Russell Stover Low-Carb Chocolate Sauce... I talked to them today. It has been discontinued but there have been quite a few requests for it. They are going to call me if they bring it back. In the meantime you can buy it on ebay. Stovers does sell all of their products on-line with free shipping on orders of $30 or more with the exception of the summer months when 2-day shipping is required and quite costly.

Betty Crocker Carb Monitor Garlic Mashed Potatoes... The entire Carb Monitor line has been discontinued. Stock up while you can still find it!

Some of my favorites that are readily available in the Milwaukee area... Please share yours!

Spring Tree Sugar Free Pancake Syrup
Eggo Low-Carb Waffles
Bella Vita Spaghetti Sauce
Joseph's Cookies (especially the chocolate chip)
Pure De-Lite Chocolate Fudge Cookies (more like cookie shaped brownies)
Atkins Advantage Bars
Carb Options Alfredo Sauce
Golden Crunch Bread from Natural Ovens of Manitowoc (they mail order to areas where it's not available)
Pure De-Lite Peanut Butter Cups
Atkins Banana Harvest Cereal
Hood Chocolate Milk - heated to make hot chocolate
Carborite Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
CarbWell Light Ranch Dressing
Del Monte Carb Clever canned fruits
Lou Malnati's (in Chicago) crustless deep dish pizza is to die for! (They will mail order anywhere)
Jolly Time Blast-O-Butter popcorn (lowest carbs of any)
Pure De-Lite chocolate pretzels
Jell-O sugar free pudding
Yoplait low-carb yogurt


We haven't seen the new low-carb fresh potatoes up here in Wisconsin yet but are looking forward to them and continue to check. Thanks for the tip on them working well in beef stew.

Michael Austin

Seems almost everything is being discontinued in Western New York. Talking to store managers is like talking to brick walls. No more Monterey Pasta Co's low carb filled pasta at Wegmans; Wegmans also has pulled Atkins baked products, the blueberry flavor ONLY of Dannon Carb Control yogurt (what the f, they're blue bigots?), most low carb items on the dry shelf. I'm actually shocked they continue to carry Dreamfields pasta, they were the first in the area to have it. No response to my letters of disgust sent to Wegmans management. Forget Tops, I can't even think of them in this market; they charge about 150% retail for everything low carb, the creeps. WalMart has discontinued so many products it's sickening, and they keep trying to sell the stuff that's months out of date. I had them pull scads of boxes of Caramel Nut Chew that went stale 3/1/05 off the shelf, in my presence, with apologies, a month ago. Every time I go back, they're back on the shelf. I keep pulling them off and distributing them around the store just to get their goat. I'm down to buying hairy edge Keto spreads on the web; cleaned out of much of their Keto syrup and crumbs. has discontinued Atkins products because they can't get the discounts anymore that make them worth carrying. More to come.


Several comments said that the big companies have and succeeded in some cases in driving the cottage LC companies out of business. You are right and they did it just so we would continue to by the junk they put out so cheap with tons of corn syrup in it so that they can continue to make a huge profit. However I stil have my Low Carb company and we still make our own sugar and sugar alcohol free desserts, nuts and granola crunch and have a lot of other products still online at I am fighting as hard as I can to stay viable. I have never been in this just for the money like a lot of other people have. I will be there with my products as long as people keep buying them and keeping me alive. For any information please write [email protected] If you live in the Toledo, Ohio area I also have free LC support group meetings in my home. Linda

Debbie Haas

We own a low carb store in DALLAS (called Totally Low Carb Foods)and have hundreds of products in all catagories. We continue to have some Keto products, Carbwell & Planters bars (while they last). We are constantly finding sources of low carb products from smaller companies that are STILL IN BUSINESS!

Robert Schadt

I have 6 $1.00 off coupons for Carb Well Snack Bars. The bars have been discontinued in my stores here. How do I redeem the coupons on another product or get replacemnet coupons? I was neve notified of the discontinuance of the bars; therefore, I should get new coupons of equal value for other products.


does anyone kinow why they discontinued the entenmens/atkins pound cake? all of a sudden its gone... help thanks lisa


Frank's Low-Carb Marketplace in Laguna Hills, California still carries the whole line of Carb Options snack bars!

Loretta Hickox

I am lucky to have an excellent low carb/specialty diet store near me that carries some wonderful products and will ship. It is "The Trim Gourmet" in Los Altos, California They do have Dreamfields pasta as well as Carba Nada pasta (my favorite), wonderful chocolate hot cereal (my kids love) and a great granola in 3 flavors (my favorite is cinnamon nutrageous, both hot and granola by Flax Z Snax.( I also mourn the loss of Carb Well cereal, but there are others) Also it is the only store I have found Adkins pita bread at all. They carry chips and all kinds of wonderful snack items with or without glutin. If any one has purchased George Stella's cookbook from the "Low Carb and Lovin It" show, you know there are wonderful recipies for Ketchup, BBQ sauce, Peanut sauce etc etc in there that are easy to make and better than most you can purchase. Keep the faith all you out there! It's worth it. Loretta H.

Andrew Laden

Just found this site, trying to see what happened to carb well cereal. Now I am getting depressed. You can add Total protein to the dead list. GM discontinued it, at least according to thier customer serivce line.

Looks like low carb special K is the last major manufacturer low carb cereal. Then its back to atkins cereals.


Has anyone seen the Betty Croker Carb monitor cookies in the st louis area?




It looks like Hershey's "1 Gram Sugar Carb" chocolate bars may be discontinued. They've been pulled and put on clearance everywhere they're carried where I live. I like these bars because they're sweetened with erythritol and inulin instead of maltitol, and because they have only 110 or so calories per bar. Keep an eye out if you're interested -- I bought a ton of them on clearance for a quarter each and put them in the freezer.


I'm sorry to hear that Carb Countdown yogurt has been discontinued, but here in Memphis we have two much cheaper alternatives: Kroger Supermarkets has their own line of lo-carb yogurts called Carb Monitor and Wells Dairy (which markets under the Blue Bunny name) has a line called Carb Freedom. The Blue Bunny sells for about 79 cents and I've been getting the Kroger for about half that on sale.


The best pancake syrup, if you can stil find it, is Aunt Jemima's Low Carb Lifestyle. Has a great maple flavor. Better than the original because it is not sickening sweet, but no phony taste either. I think it may have been discontinued, but still see it in some stores. Log Cabin Sugar Free is not too bad.

Eggo Low Carb Frozen Waffles are great.


I loved the Carbwell Planters bars. Does anyone know of a sources even for stale bars? I am really depressed about the elimiation of great low carb items. Atkins has saved my life.

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