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January 01, 2005





Don't know if you have listed this site or not...but they avve 0 carb pitas and bagels. The bagels are spongy but do able...the pitas are big, they open really nice for stuffing and they taste great.

Also saw where they have taken pitas and wrappers and used them in place of noodles in lasgana.



I was wondering if you knew of any ice creams that did not have maltitol in them. I have bad tummy problems when I eat anything with maltitol in it. JUst wondering. I loved your low carb shopping list. I had to print it out~

Larissa Andrews

I have a 5 years old son and I wanted to start giving him a low/or no carb, low sugar/no sugar lunches to take to school. The problem is that there is certain food that need to be refrigrate and I don't know what food should I pack for him that does not required refrigrate "to avoid spoiled and make him sick". Can you help me on how to make lunch for my son when he goes to school. Is there any daily lunch that you can provide for me. The best food supermarket that almost carried all kind of product. I hope they do, which Fairway Supermarket that is NYC.


I am devistated. This explains my inability to find any more Keto Brownie mix. I exercise for long distance events where food must be consumed during the event. The brownies made good substitutes for energy bars while training or racing. Many so called makers of low carb products, including the large manufacturers, are a joke, and they load up their offerings with sugar alcohols and other unhealthy ingredients. We need more Keto type manufacturers. I do not understand the resistance of large manufacturers to creating truly healthy offerings must be about maximizing the bottom line by using the cheapest alternatives.


Have you tried the Mt Olive no sugar pickle line.. they are absolutely terrific, and no carbs. Made with Splenda


where do i buy carb freedom products in canada or maine?

Kelly doens't show anything except "sponsored links" - useless.

Anyone know where to buy the cheapest Atkins bars? We are looking for Peanut Butter and Chocolate and Chocolate Decadence.



The website link <----- on the left over there needs to be updated or removed. It takes you to a page that doesn't really exist.


that last comment was supposed to put in the html address...

that's the page that doesn't exist.


debbie ridgeway

remember just cause they say low carb doesnt mean they are alot of your ideas are not low carb to make you lose weight i know for afact.low carb bagels are not low carb ,you have to keep carbs down to lower then 8 per serve ,meats are very bad ,if you are going to eat low carb you need to keep meat out period to lose weight ,drink the protein to repalce it and non fat cheese and mexican cheese is lower then any cheeses period .look at there labels ,stay off meets and just eat veggies ,and protein drink if you are gastric bypass ,debbielost alot of weight very for kids chicken breast for kids ,


I love this blog! It would be awesome if you published a list of stores in different cities that carry low carb products. I am trying to find the low carb yogurt, but my grocery store doesn't carry it. I'm going to try Whole Foods today.

lisa p

help ive been on lower than 20 carbs for a month cant lose weight

Voyeur Franc

I should email my girlfriend about it.

Susi Ayers

Please sign me up for the newsletter. I was not able to sign up using your link.

Thank you.

Acai Berry

I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for a wonderful job!

Jessica haus

Baby spinach!!!!!! it is a flavorful replacement to lettuce! Lettuce has no nutritional value!! A serving size of baby spinach (I get the organic kind from wal-mart) is 4.5 cups!!!! and in the 4.5 cups there is only 20 cal! 0 fat! 0 CARBS!!! it is very fulling and great for salads and on burgers, tuna, on PIZZA!, in omelets! Dark leafy greens are so yummy and good for you!!


Do you know where to find a list of foods high in carbs to AVOID? Especially for persons with type 2 diabetes?


enjoy your site very much! THANK YOU

Paul- good diets

I am a firm believer of low carb diets, but we must be realistic dieting isn't easy and we all have different physiologies. But if you persevere with low carb diet you will lose weight. Just be careful if you increase your protein consumption it can push your fat intake.

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