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December 08, 2004



Where can you buy inulin to cook and bake with?
Thanks for all your hard work, please keep it going!


Where can I buy choclate made with inulin and NO sugar alcohols?


Hello! I found this site while looking for info on oligofructose. For anyone who wants to know, Suzanne Somers sells this as her Somersweet on her website. Good Luck!


Dream Fields makes an excellent low cab spaghetti (glycemic index of 13) using inulin. It is indistinguishable from regular spaghetti.

Tracy Austin

Thanks for this info. I feel good knowing that a new product I just received with Oligofructose in it is good for me.

Many thanks,


Patricia Eberhard

I recently obtained Inulin from Trader Joes store. They had it listed in their monthly bulletin, They indicated that you should add it to your favorite cold beverage
or sprinkle it on your favorite cereal or yogurt. They don't indicate how much Inulin
you should use.Do you use a teaspoon or so per how big a batch of food you are preparing. I am a diabetic type 2 but under control with no medication, just diet and exercise.My A1C is down to 5.5 and daily blood sugar checks are normal. So can you help me figure how much Inulin I should use?

Norah Smith

Suzanne Somers has great products, go to and look under products. I use Somersweet all the time, one quarter teaspoon of Somersweet equals one teaspoon of sugar. Also bakes just like sugar. It is 5 times sweeter than sugar.


Careful! Oligofructose and the like are not all that great for all people! I, like many others, am sensitive to it, and experience a lot of stomach discomfort, bloating, cramping, etc. after even just one granola bar with the stuff. Go slow if you are new to these "added fiber" products, as it may cause you a few painful and uncomfortable hours.


Sweet Perfection is a sugar substitute that is composed of oligofructose. Should be available at most health food stores. Half as sweet as sugar, it can be used in baking. Cost is around $10 per pound.

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