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December 04, 2004



It seems to me as if these low-carb options actually have more calories, much more fat, and a whole slew of unpronounceable ingredients.

Isn't it better to, once in a blue moon, give in to temptation and have a REAL bagel or croissant, or to just have half of one?

I sure think so.


Poeple ar enot realizing that there are 14 grams of fiber, which are undigestible. Therefore even though they may seem to have more caolires, in actuality, they do not. Also for anyone either trying to lose weight or someone health conscious, fiber is extremely important and other bagels do not have that amount.
I think they are a great choice!


If you're cutting out carbs or significantly lowering them then you have to replace that energy elsewhere. That's where fat and calories come in. People have a very narrow-sighted vision on what is healthy or not. Yes, traditionally people look at calories and fat as indicators if it's healthy or not, but if you're eating low carb your body is relying solely on that fuel source, so you're actually burning pure fat. Also what worries me more about this bagel is that is has 8 grams of sugar, much more than their regular one, kind of strange. One of the main benefits and reasons low-carb diets and lifestyles work is because your blood sugar levels become extremely regulated, which not only allows you to lose or maintain weight easily, but makes you feel great. Much less hunger and cravings.

I've been on Atkins for a while now, and I have found that even though you're allowed to have much more fat and calories than a regular diet, my restriction of carbs naturally keeps those intakes down as well. I still eat well under 2000 calories a day and about 50 grams of fat. Much less than the average American diet.

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