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November 19, 2004


nick is a good kids website to try its free, and educational,copy the url to your web browser

Cathy Van Alstin

I have been on the GO DIET (similar to Atkins)
for 3 years now and will probably never go off.
I was amazed when I tried the Dreamfield's pasta
and am afraid it is too good to be true so went online to
do some research and found your wonderful website!
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I'm look forward to enjoying this website on a
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I haven't been able to find Keebler Chips Deluxe Carb Sensible Cookies anywhere? Does anyone know if they stopped making them?

larry nutter

please send a free sample and low carb freedom to larry a nutter route 1 m 4 oak hill wv 25901

Judy Jungermann

I have been watching Blaines low carb cooking and I needed to loose 40 pounds...I said what the heck I have been on every diet and some I made up I have lost 21 pounds AND I FEEL BETTER THAN I HAVE IN A LONG TIME. I NOW WORK OUT 3TO4 TIMES A WEEK AND I FEEL WONDERFUL BLAINE IS THE BEST.....BY THE WAY I AM 59 YEARS OLD AND FEEL LIKE I AM 35.....

Sharon Bayless

Please sign me up for newsletter

Ed Alleger

DREAMFIELD is still available at Kroger stores in my area (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

April Anderson

I think Dreamfields pasta is as good as the real thing but I'm afraid to eat it. Is it really low carb?

Brenda Jones


I find your site to be an excellent source of information for healthy eating! I have a new e-mail address, and have been unsucessful contacting you via your automated e-mail site that you list above. Can you sign me up for the email at [email protected]


lora bohannon

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Valerie Lawley

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Pam Elmer

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Hello from Southland New Zealand, I, like many other folk have tried heaps of times to loose weight, but cannot keep it off....You name it, I've tried it...I have just started to eat Low Carb way and find I am never hungry.Finding your Website is great. Please sign me up....Kind regards Dinah

Shauna Erickson

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laura maciel

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I have requested a newsletter awhile ago, but have not ever received a email. I would love to receive one.

Sandra Woodbury

I just wanted to let you know that I especially enjoy the Slenderize with blueberry. I am a faithful user of your product.

Traci Nolan

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Annette Snow

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Kim Spangrude

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Robyn Lansdowne

Hi I want to join but it wont let me can u please sign me [email protected] thanks and i will let u know my progress.I am 55k or about 130pounds overweight.I am so sick of being fat and today I am eating a low carb or no carb diet for the next 3 months to see how I go on it.I know it wont be easy at first but it' now or never.I look forward to recieving your email..kind regards....Robyn...

Robyn Lansdowne

If anyone can email me any tips to help me make my success easier please dont hesitate I look forward to any correspondence..thanking u kindly..Robyn.. [email protected]

Advanced Acai

Wonderful post... Very informational and educational as usual!

mary n.clark

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and how many carb. do i eat a day to lose 20lb.i am 140lb. 75 years old 5 feet 5 inches [die[email protected]]

s collins

looking for feedback. Need info and guidance want to begin a low carb life style of eating today.

Donna Ferrera

My husband and I want to start a low carb diet. I need to loose about 30 lbs. Thank you.


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n. lee

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Paula Hroncich

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Review by Ryan Cameron for Rating: I was introduced to the Belly Fat Cure in March as a rsuelt of an article in Costco's Costco Connection magazine and applied to be his coaching class for Costco members. I had been selected to take part in the program and during the course of the 11 weeks of coaching, was able to shed 47 pounds and 10 inches off my belly. I religiously followed the program during the coaching and tracked every meal making sure that no meals exceeded the recommended 5 grams of sugar and 2 carb servings. I was also taking probiotics and psyllium husks three times a day. The pounds literally were just melting right off of me. I also want to note that I had started a running program in December of 2008 and by the time I started the Belly Fat Cure program, I had gone from not being able to run much of one mile to running three miles the whole way and was running 5 to 6 days a week. The running didn't rsuelt in any weight loss at all for me, just increased endurance. Once I added the Belly Fat Cure program, I started seeing weight loss.Like Corrie Hearn's review, the book as it exists now wasn't available, we just got the core information about not exceeding 15 grams of sugar and 6 carb servings per day. We were taught how to read nutrition labels (that information is in the book) and given some key suggestions. We definitely did not the recipes and for that matter initially the food list. We did get that a few weeks in as an Excel spreadsheet. So essentially we had to figure it out. It took a little trial and error but I started losing weight right away and inches. Some weeks I lost more than others, some I plateaued but stuck with it and it started falling off again.What struck me as most beneficial about the program is that I had no idea how much sugar I had been consuming prior to the program. Even though there I was having a lot of low fat items those foods were actually loaded in sugar. The first week was a little rough getting used to dramatically less sugar. I probably went through about 15-20 packets of Truvia that first week to replace some of the sugar. I swapped out Iced Tea for sodas until I tried the Caramel Vanilla tea in the line of Lipton teas Jorge has recommended. I thought that tea was so disgusting it got me right off iced teas too and I've been more of an avid water and Zevia drinker ever since. Within the first two weeks my appetite dropped considerably and the size of meals I used to eat all of and would still be looking for more food to eat right afterwards were becoming ones I couldn't finish and I was feeling full for a few hours instead of maybe an hour. This really hit home for me when I went out for dinner with a friend, my friend had an appetizer, a full entree with side items, and a dessert. I just opted to have loaded baked potato and I couldn't even finish it. In all fairness my friend didn't eat all of his meal either, but he had considerably more than I had and I know I would have had similar amounts prior to the program.Following the coaching, I pretty much had a routine for my first couple of meals for the day so I stopped tracking every meal and then periodically would allow myself have a meal or two per week that might have slightly more sugar than 5 grams or maybe a meal with 3 carb servings. I even cut back on the psyllium husks and probiotics to once per day then to only 3-4 times per week. I also got so burned out on the running program I had been doing and quit it entirely. I haven't been back to any of the running in nearly six months now. But I've still lost weight with the Belly Fat Cure program despite stopping the running. Albeit, the rate at which I was losing weight has slowed considerably too. Since mid July, I've only lost another twenty seven pounds. I'm fine with that. I'm sure if I step back up to the three times daily probiotics/psyllium husks, the vigilant meal tracking, and the running I'd be getting back to the faster rate of weight loss.I want to add a couple of comments to address some of the concerns of others here that have given the book poor ratings. Those comments are:** Food is too expensive, too hard to find items in the book **It can be if you let it. I don't use very many of the products myself. I just read the nutrition labels in the stores, whether its my local supermarket or a natural foods store, or even a 7-Eleven. I can find something to eat just about everywhere, it just takes a little time to pay attention to the labels. Maybe this is because the recommended foods list didn't exist at the time I started the program, so I just naturally gravitate towards reading labels in the store. What's featured in the book is to just give you ideas of what to look for. They don't have to be those specific brands as featured in the book. They're just there to illustrate that there's a variety of products out there that you can have. And sure, maybe Zevia is the only recommended soda in the book, but that's because it's the only one on the market made with all natural ingredients and doesn't have the toxic artificial sweeteners found in other sodas. I was personally amazed by how great tasting it was, their Root Beer flavor especially reminds me of how A W Root Beer used to taste to me when I was a kid but doesn't any longer because it's now made with High Fructose Corn Syrup. And the good part is Zevia's Root Beer is not bad for you.Another example is the Ezekiel breads that Jorge recommends. I've never tried it. I don't use enough breads at home to justify buying a loaf of any kind of because I usually have to throw out more bread than I use, so I just don't buy it. I also don't use the Whey powders because I think they're expensive. About the only expensive product I do regularly buy is 5-lb bags of Zylitol and I get those here on Amazon because the bigger bag costs less than buying 3 1-lb bags in local stores (which are the largest I can find locally) so it's like getting 2 lbs for free. ** Not a lifestyle, unrealistic to cut out fruits **You don't have to completely eliminate fruits, you just choose ones like blackberries and blueberries which are low in sugar. The key is to drop sugar so that you can lose weight. Once you do lose the weight you want to lose, then you can add it back in if you like. Just go in moderation. You don't have to completely ban it from your life. If you're willing to have a smaller portion of a high sugar item you can have anything you want. For example, if what you really want is a banana, assume the banana is 20 grams of sugar. Cut a banana into quarters and you can have a quarter of the banana with four separate meals, maybe add it to your sugar free cereal for breakfast or with a breast of chicken for lunch and then you do it again the next day with the other two quarters. You still get your banana and are compliant with the program. I did this with a tube of imported Smarties Chocolates from Europe (kind of like a plain M M). In the past that tube wouldn't have lasted a day, but when I only had no more than five or six little pieces a day, that tube lasted me about 3 months. And really it satisfied me because I was happy with just a little taste of it.** Recipes Too Difficult **I've had a draft version of the book since July and that older draft version has about 95% of the recipes that's in the final version of the book. And I've still only ever made one recipe from the book. That recipe is the home made sugar free ice cream recipe. I'm not a cook nor will I pretend to be one. While the recipe section of the book is the least useful to me, I still appreciate having it because it's got a wealth of ideas that I could try if I was feeling up to cooking. The bulk of my meals I've done on this program have come from restaurants and a significant number of them have been from fast food, which brings me to the next complaint ** Not Fast Food Friendly **On the contrary, I find this program is very complimentary to fast food as that's mostly what I've eaten. I am a single guy who doesn't cook, so drive-thrus tend to be where I get a lot of meals. I want quick, simple, and cheap and all of it is possible with this program. The trick is CUSTOMIZING. For example, if I'm getting a burger, I find out what sauces a restaurant puts on their burgers, and then ask them not to use them. The sugar free sauces you can have are mustard, and mayonnaise so I'll often ask to have that used instead of ketchup, barbeque, or special sauces. Then I'll ask to have my burger wrapped in lettuce. This lets me use my 6 carb servings per day on other foods. And KFC's Grilled Chicken is fantastic on this program and its delicious too. ** French Fries And Bacon Are Not Healthy **I wouldn't necessary call these items the healthiest either, but they are low sugar options. What people seem to be forgetting here is that if you're overweight the chances are pretty good you're not eating the healthy, all natural foods that people are complaining this program is not advocating enough of. If all you eat are highly processed packaged foods, fast foods, restaurant meals, and/or things that come in boxes with nutrition labels, then this program is going to show you that you can still do the same thing, but with some education, you'll learn to make better choices and use many of the same foods to actually lose weight instead of gain weight. This makes the program very simple to follow and easy to incorporate into your life and make it a lifestyle. The easiest changes to make are small changes. Once you've made one small change, you can build on it by making another one. You don't go from a lifetime of McDonald's value meals to homemade Vegan meals overnight without it being a complete shock to the system. Sure the Vegan meal might be the better choice, but its a completely foreign concept to the Big Mac fan. This is just a first step to better eating, and seeing rsuelts is going to help motivate further changes where maybe the fries and bacon get left behind in favor of better food choices. The changes have to start somewhere and picking fries and bacon over a Jamba Juice smoothie is only a first step. The goal here is to kick the sugar habit and drop some pounds, once that's been achieved, then we can worry about making better food choices.


Frankly Carolyn I have NO idea why I've missed this blog until now. I have been on a keto sltyed diet for over three years now and my own culinary creativity only bears so far. Your low-carb recipes look positively AMAZING. It's like an oasis of keto happy creativity. Tell you what; you can guest-post in my kitchen any time you please.


Review by S. M. A. for Rating: This is the first book I ever buy in my 40 years of life that has to do with a diet plan. I bought the book besacue it zeroes in on an important concept that other diet programs completely ignore. One of the premises of the diet is that insulin is a fat pusher, and that if you can eat foods that do not cause you to produce insulin, you will not gain weight and in fact you will lose weight. Ok, so that fits well into the reason why I decided this would be probably the only book I would ever look into regarding diets. Because recently, I was diagnosed with Diabetes. And insulin production and keeping my glucose levels down is really important to me now.Admittedly, I don't give this book a 5 star rating simply besacue it is regionalized . Meaning, it shows you brands that may not even exist where you live. As is the case with me, since I cannot find all the brands of food shown in the book. However, I will not side with the other reviewers who simply say the book doesn't work besacue they can't buy the brands, or the brands are too expensive. All you have to do is go to a search engine on the internet, and type . brand name + nutrition and guess what? The nutritional label of the product you are looking for can be located in less than a minute that way. All you have to do now, is walk to your local store and find a similar product that will meet the same nutritional information, and meets your budget as well. So, I don't care that I cannot find the same exact brand of tortillas in the book when I've actually already found even better ones, based on the fiber, carb and sugar criteria of the book. There, that solves that argument for me.Now, as far as my glucose levels, I've been finally able to attain superb control of my sugar. I wake up with an amazingly low 91, and I spike to about 120 when I eat carbs. And what is really helpful is that this book is a collection of recipes, complete with portions and preparations. Because the other big deal about being on a diet, and yet another reason people tend to fail, is besacue the minute you go on a diet, people tend to exaggerate their portions. People tend to assume that besacue a certain product is labeled fat free or diet they can over-indulge in that product. And that will only have negative consequences. So, the big deal about this book is that it actually teaches you what the right portions are so you don't over indulge.Finally, the question that everyone wants answered regarding the diet itself is Do you lose weight? . The short version of the answer is .. Yes, you do lose weight. I lost 21 lbs in 4 weeks. But I have to also let you know that I pick one meal a week in which I cheat, and I eat whatever I want to eat. Normally I eat my cheat meal on Friday nights, when I am most likely to go out and have fun. I try not to ignore that I should not consume sugar past the daily limit, but I do give myself whatever portion size I want to give myself. I've eaten as much as a whole large pizza during my once-a-week eat-whatever-I-want meal. But I don't only credit the diet with my weight loss success. I also exercise as follows: I walk 2.5 miles in the morning, no jogging, no exhaustion, no heavy breathing. Just walk. And at night I either play basketball for 20 minutes or I bike a 6 mile path at moderate speed. Just enough to make me break a sweat without getting exhausted. And I exercise 5 days a week.I am going to give the book a 4 star review mainly besacue it certainly delivers on keeping my glucose very low ( something extremely important to me since I am a diabetic ), and besacue it re-trains your brain into understanding what a correct meal portion is, as opposed to what you get when you sit down in a restaurant and they bring you a 16 Oz steak with a bucket of rice and a truckload of french fries. That is NOT a portion, that is more like 5 portions. And learning what a correct portion is, is half the battle in the weight loss fight. Learning your portions is as critical as learning what the good foods are. And this book delivers on both counts, the portion sizes, and keeping your blood glucose low.Nay sayers they stop where they can't find the same exact brands of course. And I agree with them to some extent. This book is regionalized . You will probably not be able to find all the brands in your local supermarket. But if you really want to achieve something in your life, you usually push until you get it. And it only takes 20 seconds on an internet search engine to find the food labels of any brand found in this book. Take that information to your supermarket, and find a comparable product, and make the substitution yourself.


After an almost 3-year lapse in my low-carb dieitng, I have decided I can no longer afford to diet. So, I'm low-carbing it again, but this time, with the intention that it will be a permanent lifestyle change, and not just a temporary means to lose weight. When I moved back to the U.S., I did so without my books. So, I was very happy to find this cookbook used through (And, I received it the next day!!!). It was one of my favorites, and I couldn't wait to make many of my favorite recipes again, like Sesame-Coated Salmon with Wasabi Sauce. I do not find the recipes difficult, and most do not require exotic ingredients. This is the book I have used a lot when I had company over, and wanted to make something special.

Donna Corder

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