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November 29, 2004


Jose Anes

You can always make low carb noodles yourself. Get a pasta making machine ;) It may be overkill for just one dish of pasta, but for a life long of low carb pasta... it may be a worthy investment. It is fun, and healthier.


how can you make lasagna noodles


where can I buy Mueller's low carb pasta in Florida ?????

Tampa ????


Does anyone have a recipe to make low-carb noodles?!

Susan Van Weelden

I have used LOW CARB noodles for lasanga and spagetti and elbows and spirals all are made by DREAMFEILDS you can find it on this web site

Domingo Gonzalez

We live in Canton, OH and for the last year I am unable to find in the grocery stores the "half carb spagetti" noodles from Mueller's. Do you know where I could find or order them.

Thank you,

Domingo Gonzalez, MD

Jonathan sells shirataki noodles in the shape of lasagna.

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