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August 21, 2004


Paul Campbell

This is some of the worst nutritional suggestions for children that I've ever read. If you want to place yourself on a low carbohydrate diet, that's fine. Forcing your children to conform to your own misguided dietary plans is an awful idea and could have noticeable negative results over time (such as low energy levels). Just remember children's dietary needs are different from those of adults.

Lori Dremel

Actually this is sound and INFINITELY healthier than public school lunches. My son followed low-carb for 2 months and had NO ill effects. He lost 15 lbs, gained tons of energy, and now is much more active and aware of his food choices. These suggestions are even sound from a doctor's point of view. I mean, the alternative is obesity and in children that is a disaster. Thanks for the suggestions.


im 11 just read this and it sounds great


wondering what is so bad...fresh veggies, fruits, whole grain breads, limeted sugar.....where is the bad????


Excellent ideas! Thank you from a Mom with a Type 1 diabetic son. Any ideas you have are appreciated!!!

Melissa Fritcher

These are fabulous ideas! It's whole-food and it's true fuel for their growing bodies. Perfect! Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I will be using them when I make school lunches for my own kids. :)


Wonderful list! Thank you! My 7 yr old just started school only two weeks ago and has gained a TON of weight from her school lunches! I have to do something now before it gets any worse. A lot of your lists are things my daughter loves. A whole lot better than enchiladas and breaded chicken patty sandwhiches that the school cafeteria has! Thanks for the great list of healthy foods. To the commentor, "Paul Campbell" - there is nothing unhealthy about anything this author listed. And I agree, obesity is the greater health risk, not cutting back on sugars and emtpy carbs.


Hahaha... How could that person say that was bad? Schools think pizza is a vegetable because of the tomato paste and they take it further and serve it with another vegetable, potato chips!

I'd rather send my kids with your cut up cucumbers, PB&J sandwiches on pita bread and water bottles.

Also, greek yogurt is good, you can mix a little vanilla extract or cinnamon or fresh berries to give it flavor. There are lots of cook books with baked goods made with almond flour. Its very tasty and low in carbs, if you have the time to bake.

That woman must deliver broiled salmon and sauteed brocolli with pine nuts to her kids during lunch. lol lol lol


Agree with most, but NOT the Splenda!!! See it's dangers at the following link:


This list is fabulous!
I think the first comment is because she is thinking your a 'stickgirl' that is deathly afraid of your kids not being skinny...
more of a body image issue than a nutritional issue. For regular kids that have no problems with weight...I too agree they need SOME carbs...for a well rounded diet.
For an overweight child..whose DOCTOR has determined that low carb/no carb is warranted then these are GREAT suggestions!
For my picky eater 11 yr old who is now on a NO CARB (trust me..I won't let him go COMPLETELY without them...I'm a nurse too..I know they are needed.)..but ALMOST no carbs...this is a Godsend! Thank you!

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