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February 06, 2004



Does it mater if the yogurt is actually low carb? I was just reading this article about the "yogurt exception"--what do you think?


R. Le Roy

What happened to Yoplait Low Carb yogurt? I can't find it in any store?

R. Le Roy

What happened to Yoplait Low Carb yogurt? I can't find it in any store?

Lela Dudley

Would like to have coupons. Buy a lot of light and fit and other yogurt. Lela Dudley,100 Cardinal Cir. Brandon,Ms 39047

howard gottesman

Has Danon taken off the market its' carb control yogurt? I cannot find it in any store,,,,,

Barb Dulles

If you are looking for low carb/low fat yogurt, Kroger's CARBmaster is the best on the market. I have researched/shopped this extensively.

1. 80 Calories
2. 10 Fat Calories
3. 4g Total Carb
4. 1g Fiber
5. 3g Sugar
6. 12g Protein

Grace Baynham

I cannot find Dannon's Low Carb Yogurt anymore. It was the best & I ate it everyday. Now the Light and Fit is all I find in it's place but it taste just like Activia which is like eating Eagle Brand out of the can. Incredibly sweet. The Low Carb was barely sweet and white and creamy. The light and fit has a gelatin appearance and not as white and extremely sweet. Have to find another yogurt now. Is the Low Carb yogurt sill on the market ?


I am just starting the low glycemic load way of eating. I found Kroger's Carbmaster yogurt. Anybody know what the glycemic load is for that?
I doubt it's much but would like to know.


I've only been able to find low carb yogurt in Canada, not in the States. ;-(


I've recently developed eczema and have no known food allergy. I have never had a problem with milk or dairy products in the past. However, I've also recently started eating Kroger's Carbmaster yogurt [from Ralphs stores]. After doing some research I've learned that it is very possible I am allergic to it. Milk casein [protein] is one of the 7 foods that can cause eczema. Unlike regular yogurts, low carb yogurts are made with a milk protein concentrate; the milk protein is altered becoming a specially formulated milk protein strain in low carb yogurts. Perhaps this type of yogurt has been found to be the cause of new allergies and may be the reason some brands of low carb yogurts are no longer being stocked on supermarket shelves.

Lucille Eakins

Why can't I find any store in Evansville, Indiana that sells the Dannon Light and Fit Yogart?


Publix sells it! Vanilla & Strawberry

Jennifer Heimann

I have tried to find the dannon light and fit in many stores in Dallas, TX and cannot find it, does anyone have any suggestons??


Kroger Carb Master lo carb yogurt. Best I have ever had. Cannot get it in New York State so I have to wait until I get back down South. Absolutely delicious and a great weight loss tool. High in protein which is awesome!!

D M Maze

Cannon low carb yogurt is available at HEB in Texas.

John Compo

Dannon Light'n Fit Carb its here in Tucson AZ. At Walmarts and Kroger brand at Frys
Yoplait only has 2 flavor though that i seen and Kroger has like ten now.

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